World of Sports Returns, Names Announced


For decades, World of Sports was the TV destination to watch the best of UK wrestling, with it’s wrestling segments proving to be huge draws to UK audiences from 1965 to 1985. In 2016, it attempted a comeback, but it was short lived. This past May, they taped a 10-episode season in England and they’ve now dropped the first teaser trailer for the impending series, returning to ITV television.

As seen by the trailer, the new WOS authority figure is former WWE Superstar Wade Barrett (under his real name Stu Bennett), who spent most of last year as the GM for Defiant Wrestling (formerly WCPW). Yesterday, WOS’ Twitter page began releasing talent announcements, although The Mirror released a full roster listing a few days ago.

According to the Mirror, the male roster will feature WOS Champion Grado, Will Ospreay, Davey Boy Smith Jr., Doug Williams, Sha Samuels, Rampage Brown, Lionheart, Justin Sysum, Iestyn Rees, Cynanide (Crater), Joe Hendry, Martin Kirby, Nathan Cruz, CJ Banks, Kip Sabian, Robbie X, Gabriel Kidd, HT Drake, Liam Slater and Adam Maxted. While the roster features several Impact talents, like Grado and Joe Hendry, Impact/Anthem is no longer part of the production team, following Jeff Jarrett‘s departure from Impact last year.

On the women’s division side, it will showcase three women who were part of last year’s Mae Young Classic – Viper (aka Piper Niven), Kay Lee Ray and Ayesha Raymond – as well as Bea Priestley. Their inclusion in WOS all but rules out any chance that either Viper or Kay Lee Ray will be a part of NXT UK in the foreseeable future (although they could sign next year if they don’t renew with WOS).

Wrestlers who appeared during the 2016 reboot not appearing this time around include Zack Gibson, El Ligero, Ashton Smith, Dave Mastiff, Joe & Mark Coffey, and Kenny Williams, all of whom have since since NXT UK deals (or assumed to have done so).




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