Negro Casas Stopped at Puerto Rico Airport: Couldn’t Wrestle for CWA

Photo: CMLL

The 4.40, Mexican wrestling legend Negro Casas was stopped on Friday in San Juan’s Luis Muñoz Marín Airport in Puerto Rico. Championship Wrestling Association (CWA), which was the company in Puerto Rico that had him booked against Leinord White for the CWA Intercontinental Championship in a wrestling show named Supremacía 2018, confirmed the news on Friday in their press release.

Photo: CMLL

News is still coming in, but the apparent reason for the detainment of Jose Casas Ruiz (Negro Casas real name) was that he did not have the necessary papers to work in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States, which requires the same legal processes and paper to enter the island as the rest of the states in the US. CWA said in their press-release, “So far the only communication offered by the authorities is that he was arrested for not having a valid VISA to work in Puerto Rico.”

Is unknown if Casas was sent back that same night or if he could sort out the problem, but CWA in their press-release confirmed that he would not be able to wrestle at this past Saturday’s show in Dorado, Puerto Rico.

Casas was schedule to have a training session today at noon and later in Dorado wrestle against Leinord White for his CWA Intercontinental title. The move was a recent effort by CWA to bring stars from CMLL to wrestle in Puerto Rico and at the same time help up-and-coming talent learn different styles in the ring. In CWA Anniversary AXE, the company brought former WWE Superstar and CMLL’s top talent Caristico to wrestle Star Roger for the CWA Heavyweight Championship.

Photo: CMLL

The company, CWA, has develop a good core of fans and talent are making CWA on of the top wrestling promotions in Puerto Rico – currently, they sit at the number two spot as the best wrestling company in Puerto Rico. This situation further help fans realize the maturity in the company to announce the situation and let fans know what happened, which is something that companies like World Wrestling Council barely do when this kind of situation happen.


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