529: LuFisto’s Historic SHINE Championship Reign Comes To An End


It’s been 529 days since indie and women’s wrestling legend LuFisto defeated Allysin Kay (aka Impact’s Sienna) and Mercedes Martinez in a triple threat to win the SHINE Women’s Championship at SHINE 40 in January of 2017. But a lot has happened to LuFisto in that time, and despite her amazing resurgence on the indie scene, like winning the SHINE Championship and forming the devastating intergender tag team Team PAWG with Jordynne Grace, she’s also endured some tragedy – earlier this year, she was diagnosed with cancer.

But yesterday, she posted a letter on her official Facebook page announcing that, due to surgery and rehabilitation after, she is forfeiting

Following this weekend’s cancellation of Beyond Wrestling’s Vitality in Melrose, MA, I’m extremely sad and sorry to inform you that I will have to cancel more dates in the upcoming weeks…
And for the same reason, make an extremely hard decision.
I need surgery and it has been scheduled for July 19th.
This means that I won’t be able to wrestle for a little while which will affect many events starting from Shine 52 that is taking place the following day on July 20th in Ybor City. I tried to postpone the surgery the following week of the event but it was just impossible.
Therefore, I’m terribly heartbroken to announce that I’ve decided to forfeit the Shine Championship.
WNN Live had given me the option to hold on to it but I strongly believe that it is not the right thing to do. A champion HAS TO defend the championship. It’s just the way it should be. On top of it, Shine 52 happens to be the anniversary show of Shine Wrestling. There is no way the Shine Championship cannot be defended on one of Shine’s most important event.
From broken dreams to the death of a dear friend to dealing with cancer and all the stress and bills that came with it… The recent murder-suicide of two of my dearest friends and now this… There is so much I can take… I just don’t need or want more negativity. Therefore, I’ve decided to not elaborate on what I’m going through at the moment.
I’m now facing another setback, more crazy bills, time off from doing what I love, not being able to deliver when I did commit to promotions that give me their full trust by letting me step in their ring but also forfeiting my most previous acquisition.
To those who’ve asked me last time to get a Go Fund or anything else, please know that I do appreciate the love but I don’t plan on setting up an account for this ordeal either. I took another loan and will try my best to deal with this.
However, if you ever thought about getting some of my gear, there are some available on my website and I will try to add more stuff in the upcoming days. I also have merchandise and if there is anything else you are interested in, let me know. I’ll probably be willing to let go of more stuff than usual in the next weeks.
Last weekend, the main reason why I canceled my presence at Beyond Wrestling is because I could not commit to prepare for their biggest show “Americanrana” on July 29. I consider myself a company woman and having Beyond spending money to get me there when I can’t commit was just wrong for the company.
For the same reason today, I forfeit the Shine Championship because I want the promotion to move forward and do what it is best for its success, which means having their highest prize be on their biggest show of the year.
I want to apologize to Beyond Wrestling, to everyone from WWN Live family but also to Truly Independent Wrestling, Innovative Pro and all the promotions this affects.
When many didn’t believe in me as being at the top of their food chain, Shine Wrestling believed in me… And they did for the longest time as I am the longest reining Shine Champion ever. It is something I will always be grateful for. To the Shine fans that loved and hated me for the past 526 days as your champion, I’m sorry to let you down.
I don’t know how long I’ll be out but be sure I will be back sooner than later. One of my doctors nicknamed me “The Female Wolverine” in the past and once again, I do intent to live up to the name.
It’s been a great ride.
God bless and sincere apologies.
With SHINE being one of women’s wrestling’s major indie promotions, LuFisto’s 529 day reign is an historic one. One, it’s a far cry from the second longest SHINE Championship reign, Ivelisse’s 296 day reign during his first SHINE title run. It also leaves LuFisto as the 11th longest reigning Women’s Champion of the “modern era” (disclaimer: This list does not include CMLL, who have historically had extremely long title reigns for all their champions)
  1. Mercedes Martinez, Women Superstars Uncensored (WSU) Champion, 2009-2012, 1092 days
  2. Taya Valkyrie, AAA Reina de Reinas Champion, 2014-2017, 945 days
  3. Jessicka Havok, WSU Championship, 2012-2014, 739 days
  4. MsChif, SHIMMER Championship, 2008-2010, 715 days
  5. Toni Storm, Stardom SWA Undisputed World Champion, 2016-2018, 612 days
  6. Nanae Takahashi, Stardom World of Stardom Champion, 2011-2014, 602 days
  7. Su Yung, Queens of Combat (QOC) Champion, 578+ days
  8. Cheerleader Melissa, SHIMMER Championship, 2013-2014, 560 days
  9. Io Shirai, Stardom World of Stardom Champion, 2015-2017, 546 days
  10. Madison Eagles, SHIMMER Championship, 2010-2011, 539 days
  11. LuFisto, SHINE Champion, 2017-2018, 529 days

For perspective, she’s ahead of the longest reigning WWE Women’s Champion of the modern era, Trish Stratus (448 days), NXT Women’s Champion, Asuka (510 days) and PROGRESS Women’s Champion, Toni Storm (357 days). As LuFisto prepares for another hiatus from wrestling, we encourage ALL of her fans to help out with buying some merch, as she’s also refraining from seeking GoFundMe or other social media assistance.


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