Joey Ryan May Have Just Challenged Finn Balor To An “Oil Off”

Photo: El Rey Network / Lucha Underground

Following today’s huge event at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles, California, where WWE Superstars The New Day, lead by Xavier Woods and his UpUpDownDown show, faced off against NJPW’s The Elite, lead by Kenny Omega with The Young Bucks in a Street Fighter Showdown, indie superstar Joey Ryan has taken to Twitter to challenge another WWE Superstar to a showdown to continue what Omega and Woods described as “part one” in the uniting of superstars from different companies. Although it would appear that Joey Ryan is looking to face WWE Superstar Finn Balor in an “oil off”.

For those who aren’t initiated, Joey Ryan is a wrestler whose gimmick is that of a lovable Yacht Rock lovin’ poolside sleazeball (but lovable), whose profane arrogance is justified by the near mystical magnitude of the power of his penis. It’s like if mid-70s Burt Reynolds went to Hogwarts and his wand ended up being his dick. His entrance song is Rupert Holmes‘ Yacht Rock masterpiece “Escape (The Pina Colada Song)” and his shtick is a marvel to watch live and his real life efforts to promote women’s wrestling (and intergender wrestling) is a gift to the wrestling community. To understand the scientific magnitude of Joey Ryan’s pelvic power, watch this:

As one would do if they were the sleaziest wrestler in the world, is use baby oil to lather up. As luck would have it, Joey Ryan does exactly this. In great abundance, just prior to every match, in the ring, just minutes before locking up.

He’ll even let fans do it, if they feel so inclined.

So it was only natural that someone like Joey Ryan would get a little chaffed in seeing a WWE Superstar try and make a name for himself doing something that Ryan was already making a name for himself with. And that’s where Finn Balor comes in. On June 3, Finn Balor posted a video on his Twitter asking what time it was, while holding a big bottle of baby oil.

To which Joey Ryan quickly responded:

Balor continued the baby oil theme, by Tweeting another video shortly after.

A few days later, it got a little more…interesting.

And while Finn was expressing his love for baby oil online, some of his fans were becoming a bit concerned by it.

But after today’s “historic” meeting of WWE and NJPW stars interacting publicly in a fun, non-wrestling event, it seems Joey Ryan is looking to challenge Finn Balor’s love for baby oil against his own. Let’s just hope for whomever’s sake that habanero peppers aren’t involved in anything in the regions of discussion.


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