Cibernetico to Return to CMLL Next Friday in Arena Mexico: CMLL Opening Their Doors?


The Main Man, Cibernetico, will be returning to Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL) in the main event of this Friday’s Arena Mexico show. The former AAA Mega Champion will be teaming with Los Ingobernables, Rush & Terrible, to take on L.A. Park, Volador Jr. and Rey Fenix.

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Cibernetico has wrestled before in Arena Mexico, but it was when Lucha Libre ELITE had an agreement in Arena Mexico with CMLL. There, Cibernetico had short appearances, but never a full run with CMLL. He once teamed in the Torneo de Parejas (Tag Team Tournament) with Caristico, which they lost to Mistico and Mephisto.

Who is Cibernetico? 

Photo: AAA

In the late 1990s and in the 2000s, Cibernetico was practicably the Ace of AAA. He was the premier talent, winning in three occasions the Campeones of Campeones Championship, which was the main title in AAA before the Mega Championship.

Photo: AA

He wrestled in WWF in the late 90s and even in the 1997 Royal Rumble. Cibernetico was emblematic of AAA’s hottest period in the mid-2000s with his Secta Cibernetica and later Hell Bothers faction. His feud with Mesias for the supremacy of La Secta and in the late 2000s against the invading group of La Legion Extranjera became synonymous with the company.

His most remembered feud was with La Parka (not to be confuse with the original Parka or L.A. Park). La Parka beat Cibernetico for his mask in TripleMania XII, later in a Lights Out match in Verano de Escandalo 2004 and finally beat the man that Cibernetico had brought to beat Parka, Muerte Cibernetica (which was Ricky Banderas aka Mil Muertes).

CMLL opening their doors to more talent 

With Cibernetico’s return, many wonder who will CMLL bring next to Arena Mexico. Right now, the next name seem to be Pentagon Jr. and Mesias.

Pentagon Jr. has already started promoting a possible appearance and feud in CMLL. He posted a video of him pushing Dragon Lee in a PCW ULTRA show in the locker room. Lee told Pentagon than if him and his brother (Rey Fenix) want problems, he will have no problem going up against both of them.

Meanwhile, Mesias has really started working full time in the independent scene since leaving AAA. He has appeared in The Crash Lucha Libre, wXw in Germany and in various promotions. He recently started a faction called El Klan Kaoz with Cibernetico. This would imply that a debut in CMLL will be imminent for the four-time AAA Mega Champion, since CMLL is open to wrestlers in that faction. Other names that could be announce are Sharlie Rockstar and former AAA Mega Champion Zorro.




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