Psycho Clown vs. Hijo del Fantasma vs. LA Park vs. Pentagon Jr: Who Will Lose His Mask?

Photo: AAA

Mexico’s AAA revealed yesterday in a press conference for TripleMania XXVI that their main event would be Psycho Clown vs. Hijo del Fantasma vs. LA Park vs. Pentagon Jr., where the looser of the match will lose his mask.

The surprise last entrants of that fatal four way Lucha de Apuestas where LA Park, who just recently also returned to Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre and Pentagon Jr., who’s brother, Rey Fenix, just hinted last week that both were coming to CMLL.

The sight itself of seeing wrestlers that will be competing for AAA and CMLL at the same time it’s simply amazing, that makes this era in international wrestling an exited one. But, many fans wonder, who will lose their mask at TripleMania 26? Of the four wrestlers, two (Penta and Park), work independently and the other two (Fantasma and Clown) are AAA-exclusive guys, which makes us wonder who will take the fall and end up revealing their face at AAA’s biggest event.

Here at Last Word Pro Wrestling, we’ll break down the wrestlers involved in the match and possible loser of the match.

Pentagon Jr. 

Photo: Lucha Underground / El Rey Network

One half of the famous Lucha Brothers tag team, Pentagon Jr. has been everywhere.  The last time that we saw Pentagon in AAA, he lost his Latin American championship to Johnny Mundo. He exploded in the indie scene, making him one of the must-watch attractions in the indie wrestling scene, appearing in countries like Germany, United Kingdom, Ecuador, among others. Him losing his mask in TripleMania is very unlikely, as he’s not committed to AAA and he’ll be wrestling an handful of times.

LA Park 

The Park situation is an interesting one. He is the original Parka and in the past, he was a key component for AAA. Nowadays, he is an independent spirit that makes it hard to him commit to anything, as he is deemed as the “The Bruiser Brody of Mexico” with his unpredictable nature and hardcore persona. Him losing is also out of the question, since the big feud that’s been heating up in Mexico is LA Park vs. Rush in a possible hair vs. mask match at CMLL’s Anniversary show. TripleMania is set for August, while Aniversario is in September, which makes it hard for Park to lose his mask before his possible Luchas de Apuestas match in CMLL.

Psycho Clown 

Psycho Clown is the guy for AAA. Last year, he headlined and beat Dr. Wagner Jr. for his mask and this year it seems that nothing is stopping him from repeating that success. Clown has been groomed for a long time to be the face of the company, and could lose his mask, but AAA had invested to much in him to let it all fall against two independent wrestlers. They could give Hijo del Fantasma the chance, but that would make Psycho Clown’s value fall in the eyes of the fans.

Hijo del Fantasma 

Photo: AAA

Hijo del Fanstama’s natural ability is up there with the best wrestlers in Mexico. When he left CMLL to join AAA, he showed everyone what he was made up. He’s charismatic, his worked rate is off the charts and he has the “look”. Fantasma is not a main star like Psycho Clown, but he’s close to it. At the moment, although AAA has invested on him, he just seem as the perfect victim to fall to Psycho Clown and keep building his resume (Psycho). Fantasma Jr. doesn’t need the mask as much as Clown, as he’s more of a complete package that that will be a main star with or without his mask in the wrestling industry. Fanstama will likely lose his mask at TripleMania XXVI.



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