Demon Slayer to Bunny Demon: The Evolution of Allie (VIDEOS)

Photo: Impact Wrestling

Current Impact Knockouts Champion Allie is caught in the midst of arguably wrestling’s best story right now, involving the feud between the tandem known as Demon Bunny (Allie & Rosemary) and “The Undead Bride” Su Yung. It’s taken some dark and twisted roads that are drawing favorable comparisons to a previous storyline involving Rosemary and Allie (starting when both were still Courtney Rush and Cherry Bomb) from their days in SHIMMER and Smash Wrestling. It’s been a long journey for Allie in the pro wrestling world, but she’s now part of the main event story on Impact Wrestling.

Photo: Impact Wrestling

Toronto, Ontario, Canada’s Allie got her start in 2005, after training with Canadian indie wrestlers El Fuego, Ashley Sixx and Derek Wylde. She started out as Cherry Bomb, a regular with Pure Wrestling Association (PWA) out of Goderich, Ontario (a town about two and half hours from Toronto) and Oshawa’s Great Canadian Wrestling (GCW, run by indie wrestler Hannibal). By 2007, she was working for SHIMMER in the United States, although at the time, she was still used sparingly. But she continued to work the indies in Canada and the US, including Absolute Intense Wrestling (AIW), Women Superstars Uncensored (WSU), C4 in Ottawa, and even wrestled in Japan with Japanese Women Pro-wrestling Project (JPW).

By 2012, Cherry Bomb had established herself as one of the emerging women’s stars on the indie circuit, and began to work SHIMMER more regularly, as well working with SHINE, CZW, Ring of Honor, and with Buffalo’s Empire State Wrestling (ESW), where she would meet her future husband, Pepper Parks (former Impact star Braxton Sutter). In 2015, she would be part of the stable #TVReady in CZW with CZW Tag Team Champions Parks and BLK Jeez, and would join Smash Wrestling in her home city Toronto the same year, again with Parks, this time as part of The Well Oiled Machines (alongside “Psycho” Mike Rollins). Ironically, The Well Oiled Machines are the current Smash Tag Team Champions.

In 2013, she joined forces with another emerging top women’s star in Kimber Lee, from CHIKARA and CZW. Together they would form The Kimber Bombs, running havok in the indie circuit and capturing tag team championships in both SHIMMER and SHINE. At SHIMMER 73 in early 2015, The Kimber Bombs ran into a new tag team from Canada, Ontario’s Top Team, that featured Canadian indie wrestlers Courtney Rush and Xandra Bale. The Kimber Bombs defeated OTT, but Rush took the loss badly. She began to hear voices and losing control of herself. The Kimber Bombs followed Rush back to Smash Wrestling and continued to torment her, cutting off her long hair into a shorter mess. Over the next year, Rush would snap and lose control to her Demon Rosemary, and she would continue to feud with Cherry Bomb for most of the next year. We covered the full origins of Rosemary and her feud in another article, The Call of the Hive, back in March.

In March of 2016, she signed with Impact Wrestling (after appearing making two appearances in 2015 as Laura Dennis) and became Allie, the apprentice to Maria Kanellis‘ stable, that also included Sienna and Laurel Van Ness (Chelsea Green). Around the same time, her rival Rosemary also debuted with Impact Wrestling, as part of the dark faction Decay, alongside Crazzy Steve and Abyss. For months, Allie was a timid meek character that didn’t seem to want to (or know how to) wrestle, while Rosemary became Knockouts Champion and the rest of Decay became Impact Tag Team Champions. But following the love story of Braxton Sutter and Allie, Allie began to wrestle more frequently and was taken under the wing of Knockouts legend Gail Kim. But roughly a year ago today, on May 25, 2017, Sienna and Laurel Van Ness turned on Allie and began to beat her down. And her savior was the most unlikely member of the Impact wrestler.

Ever since, the two have become inseparable, with Rosemary referring to Allie as her “bunny”, watching each other’s backs in the Knockouts division, and travelling the world together. The two have even created the Demon Bunny brand around the new kinship of two former fierce rivals. Earlier this year, Allie defeated Laurel Van Ness at Crossroads to become the new Knockouts champion, but it’s also put a target on Allie’s back that Rosemary is constantly drawn to circle as the attackers have been drawn from the shadows. It was from these very shadows that Allie’s most dangerous opponent has emerged, in the form of another of indie wrestling’s greatest characters, Su Yung.

Rosemary was still suffering the effects of a length war against Taya Valkyrie, so Allie seeked confidence in her Impact mentor Gail Kim, before challenging Su Yung the following week. Su Yung was merciless in her dismantling of Gail Kim. With her feud with Taya completed, Rosemary returned to her Bunny’s aid and challenged The Undead Bride in an epic battle of the supernatural, as two of wrestling’s best characters right now entered into battle.

Allie implored to aid Rosemary in the fight, but Rosemary continually denied her request. It led to Rosemary’s greatest defeat.

Last week on Impact, Su Yung and her tribe of undead brides held a funeral for Rosemary, bringing the coffin containing her body and cremating it, in a scene from a horror movie. As the Demon was seemingly vanquished from the battlefield, Allie seemed to become more focused than before. Often staring into the mirror and hearing whispers – the same whispers that Courtney Rush heard back in 2015 in Smash Wrestling.

Over the past week, Allie has soul searched on Twitter, contemplating the darkness while the voice of Rosemary begged her to stop.

This past Thursday, Allie continued to stare into that mirror, but this time it was more aggressive than pensive. By the end of the night, she was in full battle dress, looking more like Rosemary than Cherry Bomb. She had done it – she had let the Shadow into her soul in order to face Su Yung next Thursday at Impact’s Under Pressure special event on PopTV.

And now the once Demon Slayer is the Demon Bunny, as she gets set to face off against the very undead bride that finished off the same Demon that Allie had attempted to do herself years ago. And with Rosemary out of action for a few months, Allie will now attempt to wage war with Su Yung on her own. Perhaps she could call for backup from her former tag team partner Kimber Lee, now that she’s left the WWE. But how would Rosemary react upon her return to see her Bunny back with the person who broke her in the first place? And with the Shadow now inside Allie, could we see the return of the more vicious Cherry Bomb?

It’s been a great story for the past year of Impact Wrestling’s most captivating stars, with the latest addition of Su Yung another piece in the evolution of Allie.

Photo: Impact Wrestling


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