INJURY UPDATE: Sammi Jayne Out With Broken Ankle

Photo: ICW

For the those in attendance Sunday night for Insane Championship Wrestling (ICW)‘s ICW Fight Club tapings at The Garage in Glasgow, Scotland, the match between two of the top “belt collectors” in women’s wrestling (and pro wrestling in general), between ICW Women’s Champion Viper (who’s also the Stardom SWA Champion in Japan and Association Biterroise de Catch (ABC) Women’s Champion in France) and “Sammii 5-Belts” Sammii Jayne (the current reigning Over The Top (OTT) Women’s Champion in Ireland, Main Event Wrestling (MEW) Women’s Champion and 3 Count Wrestling (3CW) Women’s Champion in England, Revolution Championship Wrestling (RCW) Women’s Champion in Spain, and Discovery Wrestling (DW) Women’s Champion in Scotland) was a UK dream match. But what started as another classic turned to tragedy, when an encounter with the two went wrong.

According to eyewitnesses, a cannonball attempt from Viper ended up crushing Sammi Jayne and both were sent to nearby hospital. ICW provided an update shortly after the match was called.

Thankfully, both provided an update and, while the news isn’t fantastic for Sammi Jayne, it could have been much much worse. No exact injury specified by Viper in her update, but she’s home now and on pain killers. Sammi Jayne only got released by the hospital a few hours ago, but she mentioned that the incident resulted in a broken ankle for her, which will be keeping her out of action “for the next few months”. Broken ankles typically take about 6 weeks for the bones to heal, plus rehabilitation after, so it could be 3-4 months before she can hit the ring again. No word if her titles will be held up or if she’ll be able to keep them until her return. Here’s hoping both have a speedy recovery!



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