WWE UK Championship Tournament: Who To Watch

United Kingdom Championship Tournament
Credit: WWE

The WWE is running a second WWE UK Championship tournament to determine a challenger for the current WWE UK Champion “bruiserweight” Pete Dunne.  Much like the last tournament, this is chock full of talent new to the majority of the WWE audience but UK fans will be familiar with.  Who from this group could be the next Tyler Bate or Pete Dunne?

Kenny Williams

Photo: WWE

Kenny Williams is a name synonymous with Insane Championship Wrestling’s Zero Gravity division.  The high flier is good in the ring but even better in the air.  He has the look to do really well and really is the full package.  Williams has been wrestling for 5 years and in this time is a 3X Zero G champion and was previously in a tag team Champagne Superbollox with 205 Live star Noam Dar.  From the moment he first emerged he looked set for big things and with his recent appearance on 205 Live being well received by critics and fans he is set to become a big star after the UK Tournament.

Joe Coffey

Photo: WWE

Wrestling’s Iron Man Joe Coffey is another former ICW regular in the tournament.  After Drew Galloway re-signed Coffey became the best wrestler in Scotland right now and has showcased these talents all over the UK.  Coffey has a long list of accomplishments as a 2x Scottish Heavyweight Champion, 2x ICW World Champion, 2x SWA Laird Of The Ring Champion and the current Y Division Champion.  Coffey was also a finalist in the ATLAS tournament in PROGRESS and has set Ireland on fire with his awesome series of matches with Michael May as well as appearing as I.M Cool in a more comedic role.  In Coffey WWEUK is getting one of the best “big men” in wrestling he can work technically, he can slug, he can fly to an extent.  The iron man has no weaknesses and will be hard to stop.

Travis Banks

Photo: WWE

Banks arrived in the UK not long ago and immediately made an impression thanks to his tag team work as part of the South Pacific Power Trip with TK Cooper.  The Kiwi Buzzsaw is also a member of CCK alongside Chris Brookes and Kid Lykos who were the hottest act in the UK in 2017.  Banks has stood out in both teams as the best wrestler.  His variety is where he shines, he kicks hard, can grapple on the ground and can hang with any aerial wrestlers.  At one point you could not see a major UK show without Banks he was so good that he was putting on amazing matches night in and night out against all kinds of opponents.  Banks also has character when needed, his heel run so far has allowed his personality to shine and it is extremely entertaining.  It is this kind of variety that will allow Banks to excel in the WWE as he can wow fans in the ring but when needed he can entertain with his personality.

These three talents are ones that we see as the standouts of the field that any fan should keep an eye on in this tournament. The full UK tournament line up is

  • Travis Banks
  • Joe Coffey
  • Joseph Conners
  • Jordan Devlin
  • James Drake
  • Jack Gallagher
  • Zack Gibson
  • Drew Gulak
  • Amir Jordan
  • El Ligero
  • Dave Mastif
  • Ashton Smith
  • Tyson T-Bone
  • Flash Morgan Webster
  • Kenny Williams


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