United Kingdom Championship Tournament: Meet the Final Eight

United Kingdom Championship Tournament
Credit: WWE

After the first eight competitors were announced on Wednesday, WWE announced today the final eight competitors for the second annual United Kingdom Championship Tournament: Jordan Devlin, Tucker, T-Bone, James Drake, Travis Banks, Flash Morgan WebsterAshton Smith and America’s own Drew Gulak (we’re definitely a little confused on that one too).

Much like in the piece on the first eight, this article will provide details explaining just who these guys are and why you should be excited to see them. Let’s dive right in.

Jordan Devlin- Bray, Co. Wicklow, Ireland

Protégé to Finn Bálor and infamous for his sickening head kicks after the first UK tournament, Devlin is the best wrestler in Ireland right now.  Fans got a glimpse of him in the inaugural UKCT last January but in the year since Devlin has gone on a tear en route to becoming the biggest star in Irish wrestling.  The current Over The Top Wrestling World Champion is unbeaten since last November but has not been pinned since February 2016.  He exited this year’s Super Strong Style 16 early but had an impact on days two and three including his ROASTING of Roy Johnson on day three.  Over the last year, Devlin has grown into an amazing performer and he will fly the Irish flag proudly in this tournament.

Tucker- Belfast, Northern Ireland

Tucker is also returning to the tournament after losing to eventual winner Tyler Bate last time around.  The high flier impressed fans with his athleticism in his first showing. Since last year Tucker has been wrestling all over Ireland mainly for Pro Wrestling Ulster where he had a hellacious match with Scottish bruiser Chris Renfrew as well as making numerous appearances in OTT.

T-Bone- Worcester, England

T-Bone is a nasty brawler that fans should remember from the first tournament.  Trained by British wrestling legend Robby Brookside it is no doubt he is so tough and nasty.  The highly decorated T-Bone is a veteran of the scene and has had a very successful year since the last tournament capturing the PCW Heavyweight Championship for the third time as well as the FSW Tag Team Championship. What doesn’t kill him only makes him stronger and he is not to be overlooked for this tournament.

James Drake- Blackpool, England

James Drake had a career year in 2018 alongside fellow tournament entrant Zack Gibson as part of the Grizzled Young Veterans tag team.  The team managed to capture the PROGRESS Tag Team Championship twice while becoming the most hated duo in the company.  Drake has the look, the height, and the skills to be a success in the WWE and a good tournament performance would be hugely beneficial to his career.

Drew Gulak- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Fans of 205 Live are familiar with the technician Drew Gulak.  Ever since the show’s debut, he has preached a more technical mat-based style to the high fliers.  For this reason, he is not as out of place as it would seem as he fits in perfectly with the technical British style of grappling.

Ashton Smith- Kingston, Jamaica

One of the newer faces is Ashton Smith who is originally from Jamaica but has lived in England for most of his life.  Smith is a high flier that originally trained at a local school run by Sovereign Championship Wrestling.  He would debut in 2005 before branching out in 2007 to Triple X Wrestling among others where he got to wrestle the likes of Zack Sabre Jr for the first time.  He has an alter ego known as Derice coffee which is a happy go lucky comedy character which he created while in Triple X.  Smith at one point quit wrestling for three years eventually returning in 2013.  Smith has been building his name since then in promotions like Preston Championship Wrestling, Future Shock Wrestling and ICW.  The current FSW Champion and former PCW cruiserweight champion is ready to make a splash on the biggest stage of his career.

Flash Morgan Webster- Abertillery, Wales

The Modfather of professional wrestling previously lost a qualifier for the Cruiserweight Classic showing he was on the WWE radar back then before making his 205 Live debut for their UK based show.  He suffered an injury in that match that caused some setbacks but he is now back and better than ever.  The high flier from Wales also has a strong submission game and any unsuspecting opponents could tap out to his signature Guillotine choke.  There are not many promotions in the UK that Webster has not worked for as the modfather has competed in OTT, RevPro, PROGRESS, Pro Wrestling ChaosDefiant as well as Pro Wrestling Guerilla in the USA.  The place Webster has found most success is ATTACK! Pro Wrestling where he is the current ATTACK! Champion and former ATTACK! 24:7 Champion. The former Natural Progression Series Winner (Joining the likes of Will Ospreay and Toni Storm) is looking to bring the Mod to the WWE.

Travis Banks- Auckland, New Zealand

Banks was one of the first people to make the jump from Australia/New Zealand to the UK in an attempt to carve out a career for themselves.  Banks has found tons of success since moving to the UK.  His tag team with TK Cooper, the South Pacific Power Trip, was one of the best teams in the UK as they ran rampant in PROGRESS.  Not content with just one faction he is also a member of CCK alongside Chris Brookes and Kid Lykos.  In 2017 CCK were the hottest act in the UK causing each member to have success, this coupled with Cooper having to move back home temporarily saw Banks emerge as a singles star.  He scooped up the gold claiming the FCP Championship, Lucha Forever ChampionshipPROGRESS World Championship and the Revpro Undisputed British Tag Team Championship. Banks in 2017 wrestled all over the UK for OTT, PROGRESS, RevPro, FCP, Lucha Forever and many other places as both he and CCK worked more than anyone else in the UK.  In PROGRESS, Banks oddly enough dethroned Pete Dunne after winning the SSS16 tournament. Will history repeat itself for the Kiwi Buzzsaw?


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