The Spirit of Rosemary Continues to Tweet Messages From Beyond

Photo: Impact Wrestling

Last night on Impact Wrestling, we saw the funeral for Rosemary, conducted by her victor, Su Yung, who (along with her Undead Brides) cremated the body of Rosemary as a final farewell. But moments after the funeral pyres burned the casket, Rosemary’s Twitter account bubbled back to life and tweeted a few strange messages.

About an hour ago, her Twitter crackled again and she revealed another message, this time longer, but equally as eerie.

We severed the connection with our Multiverse avatars too late… All meatsuits suffered damage… the Shadow has set about repairing them… whilst constructing a new design for the Impactverse… an annoying setback to this mortal Realm but we will return stronger…

Rosemary is no stranger to different “meatsuits”, as we’ve seen her character evolve over the years, including her origins in Smash Wrestling, where she transformed from Courtney Rush into Rosemary herself, not to mention her changing appearance on Impact.

Courtney Rush
The transformation begins…
Champion (Photo: Impact Wrestling)

Photo: Impact Wrestling

Photo: Impact Wrestling

With Rosemary out of action until the fall, we can expect this creepy Social Media seance from the Hive to continue and who knows? While her new “meatsuit” is being reconstructed in another Multiverse, is it possible that perhaps the Demon that initially took over Courtney Rush in the first place finds a new warrior to do it’s bidding until The Queen of the Hive herself can return to finish the war against Su Yung?

As of this writing, Rosemary has not been announced for the June 1 & 2 tapings in Windsor, Ontario (which is where Rosemary started with Border City Wrestling), but will an appearance still occur, either in person or on screen? Even in “death” The Demon Assassin continues to be Impact Wrestling’s most buzzworthy character (and one of pro wrestling’s greatest characters period). One thing is for certain – whenever her new meatsuit is done, there will be a bloodbath.


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