Rosemary Posts Cryptic Tweet Following Funeral on Impact

Photo: Impact Wrestling

Shortly after Su Yung conducted a funeral for her vanquished foe Rosemary on tonight’s episode of Impact Wrestling, Rosemary’s Twitter posted a series of cryptic tweets that seem to imply we haven’t seen the last of the Demon Assassin, although it may take some time. As reported last week, Rosemary is off for a torn ACL suffered earlier this year in the ring. The injury was a tragic blow to the rising Impact Knockouts Division, but it’s also been part of its silver lining. Her “death” and funeral from another dark character, Su Yung, has been compelling storytelling, and this has turned into a Hollywood movie. It’s the perfect companion story to Rosemary and Allie’s first big story in Smash Wrestling, “Demon vs Slayer” (also available at their new Demon Bunny site), and another chapter in one of wrestling’s most captivating characters of the past few years.

But it doesn’t look like Rosemary is going to be staying quiet during her exorcism from Impact Wrestling. First she tweeted a GIF of the scene from Game of Thrones where Jon Snow awoke back to life from a resurrection.

It was then followed by a broken dialogue from the Demon inside the vessel, with only the piercing eyes of Rosemary staring at the reader. Eyes that look ominously like her earlier, more violent persona from Decay.

Filling in the missing letters, the text should read:

Our voice is freed… no longer tied to the body that anchored it to this Realm..burn it… burn it up… it was destroyed beyond repair.. we will have the Shadow construct us a new one … no matter how long it takes…

It may be months before we see Rosemary back in an Impact ring, but one would assume that we may see…and hear from The Demon Assassin everywhere else much sooner than we expected.

Photo: Impact Wrestling


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