Preview: PROGRESS Chapter 69 Be Here Now (5/20/18)


After the phenomenal Super Strong Style 16, PROGRESS head to Manchester for another big show on the road to Wembley. Emanating from the 1200-seater Victoria Warehouse PROGRESS has a stacked lineup. The features three title matches and a dream rematch.  PROGRESS Chapter 69: Be Here Now promises to be another can’t miss show.

PROGRESS Chapter 69

Match 1: Mark Andrews vs Zack Sabre Junior


Now that Andrews is free of Eddie Dennis until Wembley, he can finally refocus on the task at hand. What better way to stake your claim to be number one contender than beating the current SSS16 holder? Despite coming up together these two have only ever faced off in 1 vs 1 competition a handful of times, with the last being in 2016. Since 2016, both have improved. Andrews has become a WWE UK star, while Sabre Jr. is excelling in New Japan as a member of Suzuki-gun.  WWE vs NJPW, High Flier vs Mat Technician, PROGRESS original vs PROGRESS original this match should be awesome.

Match 2: Jimmy Havoc, Flash Morgan Webster & Mark Haskins vs British Strong Style (Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate & Trent Seven)


Is anyone else getting a bit of De Ja Vu? The once prominent BSS six-man rears its head once again and nobody is complaining. We saw these two teams face off over a year ago at Chapter 44. Back then BSS were the heel faction that was raging against the machine and holding the title hostage. They were faced with the superteam of super hot babyface Havoc teaming with Haskins and Webster who had just returned from injury. A year later the tables have completely turned. Havoc, Haskins and Webster had pretty bad 2017’s and felt disrespected by PROGRESS. They are now running amuck on the roster with BSS as the heroes. Last year, this was a titanic clash between two super teams. This year it is somehow better. Expect chaos and brutality!

Fatal 4-Way For The ATLAS Championship: Rampage Brown vs Joseph Connors vs Doug Williams vs Rob Lynch


WALTER’s reign over the ATLAS division has come to an unceremonious end thanks to Travis Banks. Whichever man follows in his footsteps has big shoes to fill. Every man in this contest has a claim to the ATLAS title starting with the first-ever ATLAS champion Rampage Brown. Brown is a PROGRESS original and a former World Champion that was one of the main inspirations for the division. Rob Lynch is an accomplished tag team wrestler that was one half of the London Riots and was the power half of the duo. He has slimmed down and improved technically in his time away making him an even bigger threat. Connors is a WWE UK star and made an impression in PROGRESS by attacking the bruiserweight Pete Dunne. Williams is a British Wrestling legend who is looking for one last taste of glory, one reason to believe he can still perform at the highest level.

Match 4: WALTER vs David Starr


WALTER and Starr continue one of the best and longest-running feuds in all of European wrestling. The two have faced off nine TIMES since 2016, producing an excellent match each time. The one common factor, WALTER is unbeaten. Despite how one-sided this feud seems Starr has come closer and closer to winning each and every time. Could this be the one?

PROGRESS Women’s Championship Match: Toni Storm (c) vs Jinny w/ The House of Couture


Toni Storm’s reign faces its toughest challenge yet. Fresh from injury and backed by her House of Couture, Jinny is back and better than ever. Even before injury, Jinny was Storm’s biggest threat. Now she has confidence and the numbers game on her side. Storm is almost certainly WWE bound. She would love to join Pete Dunne and wear PROGRESS gold to a major WWE ring. Not since the days of Jinny and Pollyanna has the women’s division seen such a heated and well-built matchup. Two of PROGRESS’ best will square off for the most prestigious women’s title in the UK.

PROGRESS World Championship Match: Travis Banks (c) vs Jack Sexsmith


Travis Banks somehow managed to make it out of SSS16 weekend with his title.  After taking a count-out loss to WALTER, he merely watched on as TK Cooper was annihilated by the angry giant on Day 3. Banks is NXT era Bo Dallas levels of delusional, often asking the fans to chant for him like they used to and claiming to be their champion. In reality, they turned on Banks a long time ago. Across from the hated Banks is the “Pansexual Phenomenon” Jack Sexsmith. Over time, Sexsmith has shown more heart than anyone and never shied away from his responsibility to represent his community on this stage. The ProJo graduate is not only the ultimate underdog, he is an inspiration to so many PROGRESS fans who long to see him win the World title. Will the Kiwi Buzzsaw slay another opponent or will this underdog finally win the big one for his community?


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