Rosemary Injury Revealed, Could Be Out Til End of Year

Photo: Impact Wrestling

In what can only be considered devastating news to Impact and Rosemary fans around the world, it was recently revealed by Petey Williams on the Wrestling Perspective podcast with James Ellsworth that the injury Rosemary suffered back in February in a match against Jessicka Havok in AAW was a torn ACL. As revealed by Squared Circle Sirens, Rosemary “worked through the injury to face Su Yung in the latest episode of IMPACT Wrestling. It’s currently unknown how long her recovery will be but she has been written out of TV.”

Rosemary has become the most popular Knockout – if not entire roster star – in the past year, as she transitioned from the heelish harpy from Decay into the more curious demon character in Demon Bunny alongside Knockouts Champion Allie (the two have a long and intertwined history going back to their indie days together). At 266 days, the former Knockouts Champion has the second longest reign in Impact history, just shy of Taryn Terrell’s 279 day reign. The usual recovery time is approximately six months after the date of surgery to repair the torn ACL, but if Rosemary worked the late April Impact tapings injured, it’s probable she hasn’t had the surgery yet. That would put her time frame for a return at close to November of this year, with rehabilitation going according to plan. Squared Circle Sirens described the injury occurring when “(t)he two had a kick exchange and Rosemary ducked a kick, countered with her own and went down. She rolled to the outside for an extended period of time before they went to a quick finish.” Since the injury in February, she’s worked only one match in March (a tag match with former Decay partner Crazzy Steve  for TNT in Tennessee, and the Su Yung match in April at the last set of tapings).

Expect Allie and Su Yung’s feud to continue in Rosemary’s absence and the two warriors of darkness to resume their feud upon her return – fittingly around Halloween.


  1. with Rosemary out, the title of Face of Impact Wrestling is now vacant who’s gonna take it? Allie, Austin Aries, Su Yung, Brian Cage, Matt Sydal, Moose or Eli Drake

  2. looking forward to come back of rosemary my favourite knockout wrestler get well soon you will be missed it not the same impact wrestling without you.

  3. we need her with out rosemary su yung is down and bunny put her down for her demon please with out rosemary bunny alone her fans need her because of what su yung did what she did bunny is letting the darkness get herself and bunny needs her demon i think rosemary’s not caming back alone


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