New Set of Aro Lucha Tapings Announced For June

Photo: Aro Lucha

Aro Lucha announce that they are returning with television tapings on June 17 in Nashville, Tennessee. The Aro Lucha tapings are set to take place on Impact Wrestling’s old venue for their weekly PPVs at the Fairgrounds in Nashville (back when they were still TNA).

In their press release trough Super Luchas, they stated about the new Aro Lucha tapings, “After just over a month after the start of its collective financing campaign, the company Aro Lucha has had great success in its first stage of collection and has captivated 168 investors, which has meant the sum of $102,444. Given this, the great visible image of the company, the talented and renowned Rey Mysterio, who is also one of the main investors, has announced that the company will enter to make a new section of television event recordings.”

The announcement comes weeks after Aro Lucha’s CEO, Jason Brown, announced that former WWE, WCW and Impact Wrestling booker Vince Russo was no longer working with the Lucha Libre promotion. Brown stated in a Q/A, “Vince was hired as a 3rd party, independent contractor, to review scripts, storylines for characters, plot points, and literary elements for Aro Lucha & Konnan, our current Head Writer”.

It’s still unknown which wrestlers are returning to this set of tapings, the promo for the show says Rey Mysterio and Aro Lucha. Notable names that were in the first set of tapings of Aro Lucha were Pentagón Jr., Willie Mack, Johnny Mundo, Mecha Wolf 450, Sammy Guevara among others.

Aro Lucha filled their debut tapings last time on December in Tennessee, but in their tours throughout Texas, the attendance of the shows was in 180 and 200 fans. The Fairground in Nashville hold at least 1,700 fans.

For now, AAA seems comfortable with their newest booker Konnan working in Aro Lucha. With The Crash Lucha Libre, Konnan had trouble with the directors, since they didn’t took well him working both companies.


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