Glenn Jacobs Wins Knoxville Republican Primary (As Election Website Crashes As Smackdown Begins)

Photo: WWE

Longtime WWE Superstar Glenn Jacobs, best known for his 21-year stint as Kane, has seemingly won the Knoxville County Republican primary candidacy tonight in Tennessee, narrowly edging his rival Brad Anders by only 17 votes, according to local news station WATE Channel 6 (ABC News). With the victory, Jacobs will go on to face Democratic candidate Linda Haney at the Knoxville County Mayoral Election this coming fall.

Glenn Jacobs Wins Knoxville Republican Primary

Photo: WATE News / ABC News

In an amusing side story, at 8pm EST, the Knoxville County Election site crashed from what they called a “deliberate cyberattack”, according to a report from KnoxNews. While the cyberattack didn’t affect the voting outcome, spokesman Richard Moran said that “servers from inside and outside the U.S. began flooding the county’s servers “with so much traffic that the computers can’t handle it, so they crash.”

Photo: WWE

Hmmm. What could be starting around 8pm EST that would cause a large group of collective minds to go online and suddenly realize a guy from their favourite thing was voting and then rushing to the website to see if he was winning? #SmackdownLiveRocksTheVote


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