Preview: Pro Wrestling EVE Wrestle Queendom (5/5/2018)

Photo: Pro Wrestling: EVE

Pro Wrestling: EVE (EVE) is a movement.  It is the all women’s promotion that has gained a cult following in the UK.  On May 5th they run the biggest all women’s show in European wrestling history as they run Wrestle Queendom in the famous York Hall.  It was only in December that York Hall saw it’s first ever women’s match so for EVE to run a show of this magnitude there is a huge step.  With legendary names like Aja Kong and Meiko Satomura as well as homegrown stars like Viper and Kay Lee Ray, this will be one of the best cards of the year.  Wrestle Queendom will be a historical show and every woman involved will bring her A-Game.

She-1 Qualifier: Jetta vs. Nicole Matthews (Special Guest Referee: Erin Angel)

Photo: Pro Wrestling: EVE

This is a qualifier for the prestigious SHE-1 tournament, Pro Wrestling EVE’s version of NJPW‘s G-1 Climax. Jetta, despite only being 30, is a veteran of the UK scene. She has been wrestling since 2002 and is one of the best, both in-ring and on the microphone. She is a hated heel who normally does commentary and manages the company’s #1 heel, Sammii Jayne. Jetta has recently returned from injury and has not lost a step.  Her opponent is no newbie either. Nicole Matthews is one of the best women’s wrestlers in North America and is a 12-year veteran. In her home promotion of ECCW in Canada, she’s a 4x ECCW Women’s Champion and 3x ECCW Champion, as well as being SHIMMER tag champion for a combined 973 days across two reigns and SHIMMER champion for over a year. This match features two highly decorated and talented women.  The guest referee is Jetta’s “apprentice.”  Erin Angel has spent the last year being berated by the woman who beat her last May and has been on a losing streak lately.  Will this be her chance to get some revenge on Jetta or has Jetta gotten inside her head?

War Games Steel Cage: Squad Goals (Addy Starr, Emi Sakura, Laura Di Matteo & Rhia O’Reilly) vs. The Deserving (Blue Nikita, Charli Evans, Jamie Hayter & Jayla Dark)

Photo: Pro Wrestling: EVE

The Deserving are a group of girls who have decided to blame authority figure Rhia O’Reilly for all of their shortcomings.  Why were they not given title shots? Why were they not in the SHE-1? Rhia of course.  The fact that they weren’t winning matches means nothing to them.  Charli Evans and Jamie Hayter have been tagging for awhile and after a recent match against Addy Starr and Laura Di Matteo, left the two lying.  On the other side of the ring, we have a team led by “Fighting Irish” Rhia O’Reilly.  O’Reilly is a cult hero in EVE and is a pioneer of women’s wrestling in the UK and Ireland.  On her team is friend Emi Sakura and two women that want revenge in Starr and Di Matteo.  This match has been brewing for months and it is time for the whiny girls to finally face the music as O’Reilly and co. get their hands on them.

Wild Card Ladder Match Qualifying Match: Jinny vs. Kris Wolf

Photo: Pro Wrestling: EVE

Jinny‘s previous qualifier was postponed due to her injury, but she is back and ready to return to action in EVE.  Her opponent is the ultra-popular Kris Wolf, who is beloved all across the UK and with Japan’s Stardom.  The personalities involved here could not be more different.  Wolf is the embodiment of fun and she always has a smile on her face, while Jinny, on the other hand, visibly detests everyone and feels she is above them.  This is the perfect clash of someone the fans love vs someone they hate and no matter who wins they will be a good addition to the ladder match.

Wild Card Ladder Match: Kasey Owens vs. Leah Owens vs. Livvii Grace vs. Millie McKenzie vs. Nina Samuels vs ??

Photo: Pro Wrestling: EVE

The Owens twins feature here.  Most known for their work in Insane Championship Wrestling (ICW), they are from Northern Ireland and despite only being 28, both are among the best in the scene.  Livvii Grace is a former 3x IPW women’s champion and is the powerhouse in this match.  She recently had the match of her career against Jordynne Grace, when the two squared off at SHEvolution.  Millie McKenzie has gained a cult following as one of the brightest prospects in the UK – she will unleash her array of suplexes on her poor opponents in this match.  Nina Samuels is the biggest heel in the match – with claims to be the “star of the BBC”, she is so arrogant that fans love it whenever anyone shuts her up.  This ladder match will be chaotic as all six women will be vying for an all too rare title opportunity.

Kay Lee Ray vs. Meiko Satomura

Photo: Pro Wrestling: EVE

Meiko Satomura is, regardless of gender, one of the best wrestlers in Japan right now and she is up there with the legendary women of 90’s All Japan Women Promotion.  She has been successful in the UK with Fight Club: PRO and is currently their champion.  Across from her is someone that helped innovate the intergender style we see in the UK today.  At ICW’s peak, Kay Lee Ray was one of its stars because she had no fear and would fight any opponent both male and female.  What happens when you put two legitimate badasses in a ring together? They beat the heck out of each other.  This will be violent, it will be hard hitting and it will be awesome!

Aja Kong vs. Viper

Photo: Pro Wrestling: EVE

This has the potential to be a legendary encounter. Aja Kong is a Joshi legend and one of the greatest women to lace up a pair of boots – the brute manhandled opponents for years and had a lethal spinning back fist.  For someone that is only 5’5, she was a very hard hitter.  Her opponent is one of the best women’s wrestlers in the world today.  Viper currently holds five titles from promotions all over the world.  The Mae Young Classic performer and ICW star has traveled the world and put on amazing matches with so many fantastic opponents.  This match is a very simple case of pairing two fantastic wrestlers together and just watching the magic happen.

Pro-Wrestling: EVE Title Match: Sammii Jayne (c) vs. Charlie Morgan 

Photo: Pro Wrestling: EVE
While other matches feature bigger names or look more impressive on paper, to any EVE fan this is the true main event.  This match has been building for months.  Ever since the Fearless “Ace of EVE” Charlie Morgan won the 2017 SHE-1 and earned this title opportunity, we have seen her overcome the mind games of Jayne.  “The Main Event Empress” Sammi Jayne is despised by the EVE fans – in their eyes, she doesn’t deserve to be their champion and her personality doesn’t help one bit.  She has held the EVE title captive for almost a year, turning away all challengers and trying to find any shortcut she can, even going so far as to attack Morgan before her SHE-1 final match.  She has also not let Morgan live down the fact that she has been hesitant to hit her signature Suicide Spear ever since she injured herself doing it.  By trying to take away her “fearless” moniker, she is taking away everything that Morgan stands for.  Morgan is truly fearless – she came out without warning during a promo and was not afraid to be who she is, she’s not afraid to take any risk necessary to win, she is not afraid to jump off a balcony if it means getting the win.  Charlie Morgan is fearless and if she can hit the Suicide Spear then she stands a chance of ending the reign of her rival Sammii Jayne.  At Wrestle Queendom, the match every EVE fan has been waiting for finally happens.
Photo: Pro Wrestling EVE
EVE is in prime position to put on one of the best wrestling shows this year.  Two insane stipulation matches, three awesome matches featuring some of the best women’s talent in the UK taking on some of the best in the world, and a main event that echoes Jimmy Havoc vs Will Ospreay from PROGRESS, where one star completed their legacy and another star was born.  This show is a must-see for any fan of women’s wrestling or anyone that just wants to see a great night of action.


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