#AndNEW: Rampage Wins Defiant Championship

Rampage Brown

Another title has changed hands at Defiant Wrestling No Regrets, as Rampage has defeated Austin Aries to win the Defiant Championship. The Leeds native originally lost the match following a low blow and a brainbuster by the champion, but General Manager Stu Bennett restarted the match while sat at ringside on commentary. Rampage then picked up the win with a brainbuster of his own and his signature piledriver.

Rampage has been with Defiant Wrestling since day one but has never been able to win the Defiant/WCPW Championship. He main evented the first big show in WCPW history at Built to Destroy 2016, where he lost to Big Damo (now SAnitY member Killian Dain on Smackdown Live) to determine the first ever WCPW Champion. After further title challenges, Rampage has finally lifted the gold he’s been chasing for the past two years. This match was Rampage cashing in his 2018 Magnificent Seven Briefcase that he won at Lights Out last month.

This comes after Aussie Open became the new Defiant Tag Team Champions earlier in the night. He ends Austin Aries’ title reign at 144 days, the third longest in the title’s history, behind only Joe Hendry (155 days) and Drew Galloway (150 days). If he’s able to remain champion for the next two months, he’ll defend against the winner of the 2018 No Regrets Rumble in the main event of Built to Destroy on June 17th.


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