Mesias To Wrestle For AAA Rival The Crash Lucha Libre


Almost a month ago from his departure from Mexico’s 2nd promotion, AAA, Ricky Banderas, aka AAA’s Mesias and Lucha Underground‘s Mil Muertes), will wrestle for the Tijuana promotion, The Crash Lucha Libre. Banderas will make his debut in May 19 in El Auditorio Fausto Gutierrez in Tijuana, Mexico. Mesias will be wrestling alongside former WWE Tag Team Champion PJ Black (Justin Gabriel) against Rey Fenix and Rey Horus (Dragon Azteca in Lucha Underground) in a tag team match.

He joins former WWE Superstar Carístico (Original Sin Cara), who will also debut for The Crash Lucha Libre on May 19 against Pentagon Jr. (which is basically a dream match) and on May 20 will be partnering with Rey Mysterio Jr. (another dream match since both are arguably the biggest Mexican stars in the 21st Century) against La Rebelión Amarrila (Bestia 666 and Garza Jr.).

Caristico is also making the move to The Crash

Mesias has been slowly making his way up in the Mexican indie scene and in the world. He is advertised to wrestle L.A. Park and Rush on April 29 for Lucha MDA, in wXw in Germany on May 5th and previously on April 15 in Illinois for Lucha Libre GALLI. Mesias is yet to wrestle in his homeland in Puerto Rico. Lucha Libre Online, which is run by former WWE Spanish announcer Hugo Savinovich, has become sort of a erroneous news site – most of the time being a clickbait page – reported back in March that Mesias would wrestle for World Wrestling Council (WWC) for the Honor vs. Traición show, but that later was debunked by Mesías himself. Mesias is expected to wrestle more in the indies, despite facing some legal threats from AAA, while he awaits his upcoming appearances in Lucha Underground – which was taped before he departed from AAA.



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