Kacy Catanzaro Makes NXT In-Ring Debut; Could Appearance in Mae Young Classic be Next?

Kacy Catanzaro
Credit: WWE

Following in the footsteps of Ronda Rousey, Kacy Catanzaro, of American Ninja Warrior fame, became the latest female mainstream athlete to make her in-ring debut with WWE.

The 28-year-old Kacy Catanzaro, who was signed in August 2017 and who has been training at the Performance Center since January, debuted at an NXT house show on Thursday night in Sanford, Florida. Catanzaro lost to Reina Gonzalez, but the report from the live crowd seemed to be extremely promising. According to JJ Williams and the Wrestling Observer, the crowd was into the match and definitely excited by what they saw from the woman known as “Mighty Kacy.”

Catanzaro, who was first announced as a PC recruit during last summer’s Mae Young Classic, is most famously known for what she’s done outside of the ring. That of course being that she was the first female competitor to successfully conquer the Warped Wall and so far the only female to ring the buzzer at the City Finals, signifying completion of the course. She did this in Dallas during the 2014 season.

A five-year veteran of ANW, Kacy Catanzaro officially announced her retirement from competitive obstacle course racing in 2017, following her performance in American Ninja Warrior season nine. This was so that she could focus on her new career inside the squared circle.

Throughout the history of ANW Catanzaro has been one of its biggest names and most recognizable faces, succeeding where no one thought she would and overcoming a serious height disadvantage. At just 5’0 tall and 95 pounds, Catanzaro managed to best obstacles that people of her size and stature had never done before. Catanzaro became an icon and inspiration for women everywhere, showing that they too could achieve something that seemed otherwise impossible. She also seemed to be the trailblazer for women in ANW, as current female stars have credited her with them getting involved in the sport and ultimately, for their own successes.

She proved the doubters wrong and it’s that same athleticism and passion that helped her succeed in ANW, that is going to serve her well in WWE.

While no date has been announced, the 2nd Annual Mae Young Classic has been confirmed for 2018. If all progresses well with Catanzaro, and so far, seemingly so good, she very well could find herself as one of the participants. And that would mark everything coming full circle given she joined WWE during the first one.


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