Preview: PROGRESS x PWA (4/23/18)


PROGRESS Wrestling makes its final stop on its historic tour of Australia in a joint show with Pro Wrestling Australia (PWA) in Sydney. After doing two co-promoted shows this week with EPW and MCW, they then lent out some talent to MCW and SPW in New Zealand on Saturday night for their solo branded events, before coming back together and culminating this brilliant week with PWA. This should be the best attended show of the tour, and it will go out with a bang, as the killer main event of Travis Banks vs. Robbie Eagles, who would both love to show off what wrestling Down Under is all about, is going to tear the house down. Let’s run through that, and the rest of the card:

Four Nations vs. Conco & the Fudge vs. Juan Direction vs. The Velocities


Yes, this four team tag match will be as crazy as you’d expect a four team tag match to be. This will be insane for most of the match, and expect things to break down early, and for there to be high spots riddle throughout the contest. Will so many characters clashing, there will be little room for story, as this will probably lean more towards being a spot fest, but that is exactly what this needs to provide. It will be a very hot match to get the people going, and set the bar on excitement for the rest of the night. In the end, though, expect Four Nations to come out on top, (as they will later in the evening), and for the whole stable to look in the course of the night.

Prediction: Four Nations

Moustache Mountain (Tyler Bate & Trent Seven) vs. Four Nations (Jack Bonza & Tama Williams)


Bate and Seven are world class talent, and can have a great match with anyone, and this will be no different—not to say Williams and Bonza, representing the Four Nations faction are slouches. This will be intense, and expect some stiff shots sprinkled throughout, and, as always, get ready for some chuckles when Moustache Mountain is in the ring. They’ll also make Bonza & Williams look good, and put them over in the end, as Four Nations will do what it can to show off what they can do in front of a world wide audience.

Prediction: Four Nations

No DQ Match: Jimmy Havoc vs. Ricky South


Look for this one to get…interesting. Jimmy Havoc’s taste for hardcore wrestling is well known, as is his individuality. South, on the other, could be qualified as a comedic wrestler, who wears lipstick and utilizes innuendo spots. Take these two characters and throw them in a no DQ match, and you can expect to both laugh and shriek during it. South has worked for several Aussie promotions, and his stock is rising in the country. Despite that, expect Havoc to get the win. Above all, expect this one to be bonkers, and to see some serious creativity.

Prediction: Jimmy Havoc

PWA Tag Team Championship: SMS (SnapChad & Unsocial Jordan) (c) vs The Babes (Carter Dreams & Matty Wahlberg) w/ Harley Wonderland


PWA is utilizing six different tag teams in this show (not counting Moustache Mountain who is just visiting), more than any other company on this tour – and that should say something about their tag team division, which others have already been saying on Twitter: that this division is deep and talented. This, though, is for the PWA Tag Team Championships, and features an angle you might be more used to from the Attitude Era. SMS has been trying to censor pro wrestling to “clean it up,” while the Babes are a walking party. Expect these characterizations to play into a lot of spots, including some comedy and interference by Harley Wonderland. But, since this is a huge show for PWA, there is no better time to switch the titles to the fun-loving babyface combo of the Babes.

Prediction: The Babes

Caveman Ugg vs. Pete Dunne


Caveman Ugg’s character, if you’ve never seen him, is exactly what his name suggests: he’s a caveman, but a very talented one at that. Ugg’s mobility for an athlete his size is impressive, but he definitely works as the powerhouse a lot. Dunne will sell a bit more than usual in this one, but will come back as only he can (when working babyface, which he will in this match). The third act will be filled with power-move high-spots, suplexes, and big time strikes. However, Ugg’s strength won’t be enough, and Dunne will come out in top.

Prediction: Pete Dunne

PROGRESS Women’s Championship Match: Toni Storm vs. Jessica Troy


This will be a first ever match-up between the two. Troy, also a member of Four Nations, is beginning to get some steam outside of Australia, working for American promotions Shimmer and Chikara. This, however, may be her biggest opportunity to shine on an international level, working with the likes of Storm. Storm, who is one of the best women’s wrestlers on the planet, and seemingly a champion everywhere she goes, will be the perfect partner for Troy to instantly make a bigger name for herself. Storm can always put on a great match, and with Troy wanting to prove herself on her biggest stage yet, look for this one to steal the show.

Prediction: Toni Storm

Travis Banks vs. Robbie Eagles


Neither title will be on the line as the Progress Wrestling Champion faces off against the PWA Heavyweight Champion in the main event, and last match of the Progress x Australia tour. These two will tear down the house, as both men are smaller and agile, but have very different styles. Eagles is an air-born attacker, while Banks’ nickname “The Kiwi Buzzsaw” speaks for itself. Look for some stiff shots and high spots as these two perform for the biggest crowd of the tour, and end it on a high note. Expect Banks to put Eagles over, giving him the rub he deserves, and elevating his status worldwide.

Prediction: Robbie Eagles


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