Preview: MCW Ballroom Brawl (4/21/18)

Photo: MCW

At one of their biggest shows of the year, MCW Ballroom Brawl, Melbourne City Wrestling (MCW) gets some help from their friends at PROGRESS Wrestling. This show almost feels like PROGRESS x MCW 2, with how much PROGRESS talent is used. While Travis Banks is in New Zealand this night for SPW Battlelines, his fellow PROGRESS mates will have a grand time, in what turned out to be a stacked top of the card. Let’s run through the matches:

Mike Burr vs. “Loverboy” Lochy Hendricks

Photo: MCW

This a rematch from Tensions Rising last month, which Loverboy lost because Burr’s friend, Fun Time Phil, brought out Hendricks’ now ex-girlfriend Emily, distracting him so Burr could get the win. Loverboy was on a winning streak, and being positioned for a rise up the card, and Loverboy’s loss was just a blip on his ascension. He’ll get his revenge against Burr, who will be attended ringside by Emily. While Emily’s turn might create some sympathy for Hendricks, he’ll make sure he was heat with his heelish antics.

Prediction: “Loverboy” Lochy Hendricks

Toni Storm vs. Avary

Photo: MCW

This is the first time Avary has wrestling for MCW since December, but has been on every card as a valet for her fellow Brat Pack members. She’s athletic, and intimate with her character, so look for detailed character work from her, playing the whiney brat (she is a member of Brat Pack, after all). Storm is one of the best women’s wrestlers on the planet, and Avary can more than hold her own. This will be a solid performance from these two, and Storm will get the win, but Avary will look strong coming out of this, positioning her for a future feud with Kelly Anne.

Prediction: Toni Storm

Fun Time Open Challenge

Photo: MCW

Fun Time Phil is bringing back his open challenge gimmick, despite it not working out well for him the last time when he lost to Alan Payne. It won’t work out for him this time either. Last month, at Tensions Rising, Phil used “Loverboy” Lochy Hendricks’ ex-girlfriend to distract him and cost him the match against Mike Burr. After Loverboy gets his vengeance on Burr, this is the perfect opportunity for him to complete his payback. He is clearly being positioned as a top heel for this company, and getting two wins in one night is a sure fire way to continue that.

Prediction: “Loverboy” Lochy Hendricks

Kelly Anne vs. “impressive” Indi Hartwell

Photo: MCW

This one has been brewing for a while. Last December, at Final Battle, Hartwell picked up a victory over Kelly Anne, advancing to 2-0 against her, but things were far from over. At Vendetta in January, Kelly Anne was guest commentator for Hartwell’s match, which she won, then mocked Kelly Anne. The following month, Kelly Anne beat Allyson Cruz, and afterwards challenged Hatrwell to a rematch, which she declined, but was chased off by Kelly Anne. Finally, last month at Tensions Rising, Kelly Anne attacked Hartwell after her match, which leads us to here. Hartwell, the cocky heel, is finally going to get her comeuppance, and Kelly Anne is finally going to get her won back. Hartwell has a high ceiling, and her best years are ahead of her, so look her notoriety to continue to grow, but much of this feud has been traditional pro wrestling booking, so expect the babyface to prevail.

Prediction: Kelly Anne

Slex vs. Pete Dunne

Photo: MCW

Oh my god, this is a dream match for fans of Australian wrestling. Slex, also known as “The Business” is a fantastic performer, who went one on one against the IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kazuchika Okada last November at MCW November Rain. New Japan then shared the match on their streaming service, New Japan World, and if you’ve never seen Slex, go check out that match. Or check out his awesome ladder match against Robbie Eagles in February, or his match against Davis Storm in March, or really any match of his and you’ll be impressed. And as we all know, Pete Dunne is so good its mental. These two will be able to mix it up quite a bit with different kinds of offense, but look for the striking most of all, namely a ridiculous Slexecution out of nowhere to knock Dunne’s head off. This will be one to remember, folks. Anticipate Dunne giving Slex the rub here, hopefully getting him more noticed with international promotions, as he absolutely deserves.

Prediction: Slex

The Brat Pack (Mitch Waterman & Nick Bury) vs. Moustache Mountain (Trent Seven & Tyler Bate)

Photo: MCW

The Brat Pack, coming off a huge win at Tensions Rising where they beat MCW Champ Dowie James and his number one contender Mr. Juicy, and having the tag title picture in MCW revolving around them for the last few months, have a lot of momentum going for them into this big time match with Moustache Mountain. And perhaps surprisingly, they’ll keep it going. Moustache Mountain is without a doubt much more popular than the Brat Pack, but in this MCW branded show – not joint-branded with Progress – MCW talent will get the spotlight. Expect a lot of shenanigans, as the Pack love to cheat creatively, and Trent Seven is…well…Trent Seven. Those who have seen him in a comedy match know exactly what that means. But the Brat Pack, who have been kept strong with a big win last month over Mr. Juicy and Dowie James, will pick up the win through nefariously means, and position themselves as the top contenders for the tag team championships.

Prediction: The Brat Pack

MCW Heavyweight Championship Match: Dowie James (c) vs. Mr. Juicy

Photo: MCW

Mr. Juicy has faced Dowie James twice in MCW, and twice he’s fallen short. Due to Juicy’s being with the company since basically day one, James decided to give him one more chance, on the condition that if Juicy lost, he’d never get another title shot while James was champion. Juicy is breaking out more and more as an international star, having joined Bullet Club, competed in the New Japan Rumble at Wrestle Kingom 12, and had a killer match with Will Ospreay at Clash of the Titans in February. James and Juicy teamed at Tensions Rising in February in a losing effort against Brat Pack, where Juicy took the pin. Due to his notoriety, his turn to get a win against James, and his losses at MCW’s last two shows, Mr. Juicy will pick up a win here, and take the title in the process. The match will be terrific, as both men are very good workers and have styles that mesh very well. It’s entirely possible these two could put on the best show in Australia in April, and with the PROGRESS tour happening, that’s saying quite a bit.

Prediction: Mr. Juicy

The Ballroom Brawl Match

Photo: MCW

This match works like a Royal Rumble, and several performers have already been announced for it: Jimmy Havoc, Elliot Sexton, JXT, and Tome Filip. Sexton, back from his absence (living in Orlando and doing his YoutTube show Trophy Life), has made waves in MCW lately, and is being booked very strongly, indicating that the office has big plans for him. He has enough name recognition, and good size, and would be a credible threat to the champion. Jonah Rock, Robbie Eagles, or Adam Brooks would all be good contenders, but Rock and Eagles will be in California for PWG All-Star Weekend, and Brooks has a match the next day in Southampton, England for Revolution Pro, so don’t expect any of them. Sexton would be an excellent winner, as him versus Mr. Juicy for the title would be a terrific main event at a future show.

Prediction: Elliot Sexton


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