Austin Aries: Road to Redemption


With Redemption right around the corner, the Impact Wrestling roster is preparing for a return to pay per view. Austin Aries left WrestleCon with all of his belts in his possession but will be heading into the biggest challenge of his World Title reign. Pentagon Jr and Fenix will be challenging The Greatest Man That Ever Lived in a triple threat match. Aside from being two of the best talents in the world, the duo, collectively known as the Lucha Brothers, are a formidable tag team.

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“They both have different styles and obviously they both know each other very well. I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I’m a bit concerned that they are brothers. I know they don’t always see eye too eye, but in some ways, I may feel like I’m a bit outnumbered. I’m used to having a target on my back, but here I’m going to have two guys who know each other very well, bringing two different styles, and I’m sure both of them would like to walk away Impact World Champion.”

Pentagon Jr. appears to be looking to follow in the Belt Collector he is challenging’s footprints. Pentagon Jr. is the current Lucha Underground Champion, after cashing in his Gift of the Gods title on Prince Puma. But is Austin Aries looking to come after Pentagon’s belt?

“I’ll be honest, it hasn’t really crossed my mind. One thing at a time, I’ve got a big match. I was preparing for one direction, now I have to prepare for another direction. Once I walk out of there on April 22nd still the Impact Champion, maybe I can start thinking about challenging for his Lucha Title, but for now, I’m just going to take care of what’s in front of me.”

As far as “redemption” goes? Well, Austin Aries is well on his way to getting his. For those who haven’t followed A Double too closely, he went from being a top talent in several promotions to being fodder for Neville‘s heel run in the WWE. Now, with the freedom to be himself, and to speak from his heart, Aries is back on top of the world.

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“If you strip away everything that makes Austin Aries unique, which is really my voice, my wit, maybe some of my moveset, I’m just kind of an older, small, white dude. There’s not a lot to work with there, right? So for me, it’s important to be able to go out and do what’s made me successful for seventeen, eighteen years, because it’s been a journey of figuring out what that is for me. And to change it up at this point in the game, to me, it’s not getting full value out of me. It’s not using me to my full potential. I think for everybody, listen, if I’m going to fail, if I’m going to succeed, I want it to be because of my own merits. We all have to work within guidelines, we all need to work together. And there needs to be a certain level of continuity and quality control. But I think, as the people running the creative, you kind of look at the landscape of your roster, you identify the guys you need to produce a little less, because they can do them better than you can do them, and the guys who are still finding their way, that are younger, that really do need the guidance and the help, to kind of create who they are and find them. So you can’t treat everyone the same in that regard, and I think right now, with Impact, finding that balance has been something that’s really helped us in allowing guys the freedom to have their voices out there, and to help shape and direct where it needs to be shaped and directed.”

As far as the release of his original opponent, Alberto El Patron: “it’s unfortunate but we’re moving on.” Another big Impact related story coming out in the past seven days is Kurt Angle‘s joke on Raw. The Raw GM informed Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens that he thinks TNA is hiring. Similarly to his reaction to El Patron’s release, Aries remained level-headed and looked toward the future. He called the joke “dated” but reminded us that this is quite possibly the single most talked about moment of the entire show. As Austin Aries pointed out on a previous teleconference, his mindset is positive in all that he does. “The more that we can accentuate the positives, and keep putting that energy out there, I think that’s a plus for everybody.”

Aries will have to bring that positive mindset and sound strategy on April 22nd when the Lucha Brothers challenge him for the Impact World Championship. Will he walk out victorious or lose one of his many title belts? Find out live on pay per view.


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