Contract Updates on Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman

Photo: WWE

For months leading up to WrestleMania 34 this past Sunday, all reports seemed to indicate that WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar was on his way out of the WWE and returning to the UFC full time. The Vegas odds had Roman Reigns handedly beating Lesnar for the title and everyone expected last night’s Raw After Mania to be the beginning of the next era of the Roman Empire. But in one of the night’s biggest swerves, Lesnar brutalized Reigns and this time, there was no Hoganesque or Super Cena style comeback and Lesnar retained his WWE Universal Championship.

Photo: WWE

WWE confirmed just prior to Raw airing last night that Brock Lesnar had indeed re-signed with the company, and while details were scarce in terms of length or money, it was believed to include at least one UFC fight should Brock and UFC agree to terms. While Sporting News originally stated their sources lead them to believe Brock had signed a multi-year deal with the WWE, PWInsider is reporting that most backstage are under the impression that Brock has only signed an extension on his current deal. Brock is still actually under contract with UFC at the moment stemming from his last fight, but he has to re-enter the USDA testing pool and serve the remaining six months of his suspension following his failed drug test in 2016. A short extension with the WWE would keep him busy while he serves out the remainder of his suspension. Bleacher Report‘s Jeremy Botter has even gone so far to say that Brock’s contract is only for one more match, the Universal Championship rematch against Roman Reigns at The Greatest Royal Rumble in Saudi Arabia.

Adding credence to the reports of a brief extension is word from both PWInsider and Wrestling Observer that Brock Lesnar’s advocate, Paul Heyman, also signed a new contract, and that is was a short term deal. With Heyman’s recent news of starting his own talk show style program, stepping away from the WWE following Lesnar’s exit could be his direction.

Photo: WWE

There has been some rumblings that Lesnar’s final program could actually be a showdown with another MMA fighter from the world of pro wrestling, in recently returned Bobby Lashley, who returned to Raw last night. Kris Zellner of Between the Sheets Podcast stated he was told the two could be meeting at SummerSlam.


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