Preview: PROGRESS Chapter 67 Bourbon Is Also A Biscuit (4/7/18)


Day 2 of PROGRESS in the US.  As the shows are so close together this article will contain spoilers to anyone not in the audience for Chapter 66. Here’s a run down of today’s card for PROGRESS Chapter 67: Bourbon Is Also A Biscuit

Will Ospreay vs Austin Theory


Theory spent Chapter 66 in the Thunderbastard match.  He would later go on to pull off the biggest win of his career to capture the WWN Championship.  As we’ve said before, Theory is a star in the making and that much is clear just watching him.  He takes on PROGRESS prodigal son the Aerial Assassin Will Ospreay.  Ospreay is one to watch at the moment after his 5-star match with Marty Scurll.  This is a clash of two young wrestlers with big futures in this business.

Predictions: Will Ospreay to win

Chris Brookes vs Rey Horus


El Dragon Azteca from Lucha Underground makes an appearance in human form.  Horus is an extremely talented luchador.  His run in last years Battle Of Los Angeles (BOLA) proved he could work with the best indie wrestlers in the world and not look out of place.  Brookes is the star of this show.  CCK leader and a fantastic wrestler who never fails to deliver.  The clash of styles here could lead to a below average match but with the two men involved that is not likely to happen.

Predictions: Chris Brookes to win

Jimmy Havoc, Mark Haskins & Flash Morgan Webster vs Keith Lee, Matt Riddle & David Starr


The Unholy trinity finally gained another member in Webster.   Vicky Haskins had previously attempted to turn Webster to the dark side but his controversial defeat at Chapter 65 was the straw that broke the camel’s back.  The PROGRESS superteam has a long history together in fact.  When Havoc was facing British Strong Style alone, it was Webster and Haskins that returned from injury to side with him.  They face an o.k team.  Nothing special about their opponents at all – apart from the “Limitless” Keith Lee and some former UFC fighter.  Lee has filled in for Jack Sexsmith who had to go home for personal reasons.  If you’ve never seen Keith Lee live you are in for a treat.  His charisma is off the chain, his array of power moves are just sick and the fact he can take flight so well is just unfair.  Starr is a man that knows his opponents well.  Sexy Starr have been the main rivals for Havoc and Haskins lately.  Final member of the team and star of the weekend, “BRO” Matt Riddle,  he’s had his own show, won the EVOLVE championship, is in this mega six man and probably has tonnes more lined up.  Riddle perfectly mixes his UFC style with wrestling.  His strikes look painful.  He isn’t afraid to take a big chop or a big hit.  And he uses his power so so well.  This monstrous six-man will be non stop action and blow everyone away.

Predictions: Jimmy Havoc, Mark Haskins & Flash Morgan Webster to win

PROGRESS Women’s Championship Match: Toni Storm (c) vs Mercedes Martinez 


In a trope as old as time, Martinez won a tag match against Storm’s team at Chapter 66.  She then challenged Storm to a title match tonight.  Martinez is a 17-year veteran that is a mainstay of the US indie scene.  She finally got her big break by participating in the Mae Young Classic and doing really well.  Had Martinez been coming into her prime now her career no doubt would’ve seen her become a much bigger name than she did.  Her opponent is a true belt collector that wrestles all over the world.  Toni Storm has charisma and ability in spades.  She is a future WWE star and current indie wrestling star that has shined in Stardom and been pivotal in PROGRESS introducing a women’s division.  Storm is currently heading to a big showdown with Jinny and the House Of Couture Martinez probably won’t be the one to end her historic reign.

Predictions: Toni Storm to win and retain

Number 1 Contenders Match: WALTER vs Zack Sabre Jr.


WALTER has been wrestlings MVP of 2018 so far.  His 90’s throwback style of chopping the ever-loving sh*t out of his opponents has been very entertaining.  The big bad Austrian was always good but he’s really put it all together lately.  ZSJ has also had a 2018 to remember.  His run in the New Japan Cup made him a star in Japan and his match with Kazuchika Okada has received rave reviews.  As for who will win, WALTER made his presence felt at Chapter 65 when Travis Banks claimed to be unbeatable.  But ZSJ is a perennial main eventer in PROGRESS and is always in the title hunt.  Regardless, this will be one of the best matches of the weekend with WALTER caving in Zack’s chest.  Leading to Jack bending WALTER into a pretzel in return.  Still though, WALTER’s gonna kill him.

Predictions: WALTER to win

PROGRESS World Championship Match: Travis Banks (c) vs Jeff Cobb


Banks retained against Shane Strickland at Chapter 66.  Cobb, on the other hand, bested 7 men to win the Thunderbastard.  He is cashing in his title shot already to challenge Banks for his title.  Banks has slowly become a heel as fans got sick of his reign.  To many fans, he faced the same people, had average matches and was unbeatable like John Cena.  The crowd turned on him for these reasons and at Chapter 65 he finally went full heel.  And wow is it amazing.  Remember NXT Champion Bo Dallas? Imagine that but with a smug Kiwi and you have Hell champion Banks.  Despite the size differential Banks will favour himself.  His opponent “Mr Athletic” won’t like the cockiness of the champ.  Before Keith Lee there was Cobb.  He has an amazing array of power moves but is surprisingly athletic.  Cobb makes a great opponent for Banks as Banks won’t have to hold back.  And well we all want to see Banks get flung around the ring.  As historic as a title change would be I don’t see PROGRESS making the switch here.  But will it be clean?

Predictions: Travis Banks to win and retain


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