BREAKING: Al Snow Has Acquired OVW

Al Snow
Photo: Collar X Elbow

Ohio Valley Wrestling is under new ownership. During Impact Wrestling‘s stream at WrestleCon this morning, Al Snow announced he has purchased OVW.

Breaking News: Al Snow Acquires Ohio Valley Wrestling

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Al Snow has been involved with OVW in the past, and has been working as a trainer for decades. He was the head trainer on the MTV series Tough Enough. As of late, he has been running his apparel line – Collar and Elbow, and training talent all over the world with Al Snow’s Wrestling Academy. Al Snow is considered by many to be one of the most underrated wrestlers of all time and is notable for being very vocal about his opinions on the industry.

OVW, merely months away from airing their 1000th episode of television, has been one of the most prominent developmental territories of the past 30 years. The alumni of the territory is a virtual who’s who of modern wrestling. From John Cena to Johnny Impact, from Batista to Wade Barrett, OVW probably had a hand in training your favorite WWE or Impact star. Under the tutelage of Al Snow, OVW will undoubtedly prosper for another thousand episodes.

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  1. I’ve reffed a match with him and he’s a very trustworthy gentleman.. He is very vocal and tells you how it is.. I respect that alot… Most guys and gals who are very vocal are deemed underrated cause they are considered a threat… Honesty is the best policy and he sure does deliver that


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