#AndNEW: Matt Riddle Wins EVOLVE Championship

Matt Riddle
Photo: Cerebral Hunter / twitter.com/Delisketo

At tonight’s EVOLVE 102Zack Sabre Jr. was defeated by Matt Riddle in a technical showcase, ending his reign at 405 days as EVOLVE Champion. The title change marks the first title change of WrestleMania Week, in a week that features a lot of intriguing matchups for various titles. The match cames just hours after Matt Riddle’s first match of the week, where he was submitted by IWGP Intercontinental Champion and Suzuki-Gun leader Minoru Suzuki (ironically, Zack Sabre Jr.’s “boss” in NJPW) at GCW‘s Matt Riddle’s Bloodsport earlier this afternoon.

Matt Riddle Wins EVOLVE Championship

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Main Photo Credit: Cerebral Hunter / twitter.com / Delisketo



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