Preview: RevPro UK at WrestleCon (4/06/18)

Photo: RevPro

Every year during Wrestlemania season, WrestleCon puts on a show where the creme de la creme of independent wrestling performs, when different promotions come together to build an alternative to the market leader. RevPro is participating for the second time in 2018 in New Orleans, and this is what they have to offer.

Adam Brooks vs Brian Cage

Photo: RevPro

The Australian wrestler Adam Brookes recently had his second match for PWG in which he had a competitive match with Will Ospreay that went around 25 minutes. He is a three-time MCW Intercommonwealth Champion. He already had matches for OTT, Fight Club PRO, CZW, RevPro UK etc., this year and is making a name for himself in the international Independent scene. A man who already made a name for himself is his opponent, “Mr GMSI (Get My Sh*t In)” Brian Cage. Probably one of the most athletic bodybuilder types you’ll find, he can do moonsaults or 619’s, but he is also going to hold you in a stalling suplex position for ages if he wants to.

Prediction: “The Machine” Brian Cage

Martin Stone vs David Starr

Photo: RevPro

The veteran Martin Stone (aka Danny Burch in NXT) against the man with more nicknames than everyone else combined, David Starr. “The Jewish Canon” made it to the finals of this years wXw 16 Carat Gold tournament and left another lasting impression on the German fanbase. This will be a solid match between two of the most technically prolific wrestlers around today.

Prediction: David Starr

Kota Ibushi, Flip Gordon & Shane Strickland vs Will Ospreay, Rocky Romero & Chuckie T

Photo: RevPro

Pure highflying craziness in New Orleans. Flip Gordon could be one of the breakout highflyers in 2018 and Shane Strickland has some of the most innovative moves in wrestling. Standing on the other side of the ring will be Will Ospreay, who is arguably the best aerial performer in the squared circle today. His partners will be the former PWG World Heavyweight Champion, Chuckie T who teams with his Best Friend’s friend, Rocky Romero. Romero found a new mission in representing Roppongi 3K as a manager, but still wrestles periodically. If Kota Ibushi is able to find another balcony to jump off (just like in the New Japan Cup) then even Will Ospreay has to come up with something to keep up. This match could very well be the show-stealer of the night, if not of the weekend.

(As of today, it is uncertain if Ospreay is able to compete after his match with Marty Scurll at Sakura Genesis where he suffered a neck injury)

Prediction: Team Ibushi

Hiroshi Tanahashi & Juice Robinson vs Aussie Open

Photo: RevPro

The Megastar, Hiroshi Tanahashi – “The Ace” of New Japan – makes his way across the pond to team with the man whom he recently defeated in the New Japan Cup. Tanahashi has been proving over the last months that he is able to work through his knee problems, although he is in visible pain doing so. This will be a showcase match for Aussie Open but in the end, another man will stay down after a perfectly executed High-Fly-Flow.

Prediction: Tanahashi & Juice Robinson

Minoru Suzuki vs Jeff Cobb

Photo: RevPro

This announcement made RevPro the show to watch during the NOLA weekend. The IWGP Intercontinental Champion will face the modern day suplex machine, Jeff Cobb. Suzuki might be having the best year of his career and according to Dave Meltzer, he has been on par with Okada this year in terms of being the best wrestler in the world – and that means something when you’re celebrating your 30 year wrestling anniversary this year. Jeff Cobb made his NJPW debut last year during the World Tag League and had some well-executed teasing sequences in the ring with Tomohiro Ishii, who he will face at OTT Scrappermania IV in May.

Prediction: The King, Minoru Suzuki

Undisputed British Heavyweight Championship: Zack Sabre Jr. (c) vs. Tomohiro Ishii

Photo: RevPro

To use some words from RevPro: “Ishii is the MVP of many RevPro shows”. If there is one international star who deserves a shot at the most prestigious title in the UK it is the “Stone Pitbull” Tomohiro Ishii. He is the embodiment of Strong Style. Headbutts, Lariats, Brain Busters and the heart of a lion that makes him come back in match situations where everybody else would stay down for the three-count. Ishii might be the best wrestler in the world when it comes to timing and knowing what to do in a certain sequences during a match. Sabre goes into the match as a double champion for the promotion. He is the New Japan Cup winner, the British Heavyweight Champion and British Tag Team Champion with his Suzuki-Gun leader, the King, Minoru Suzuki. In the end, Tomohiro Ishii will bring ZSJ to his limits but just like Naito, Sanada, Ibushi and Tanahashi in the New Japan Cup, he will JUST TAP OUT!

Prediction: ZSJ retains


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