ADVENTURE! An Interview with Stone Rockwell


When Impact Wrestling announced it’s most recent PPV, available on their Global Wrestling Network (GWN), One Night Only: March Breakdown, it featured several indie talents that most Impact viewers were unaware of. In partnership with Windsor, Ontario’s Border City Wrestling (BCW, who hosted the event), it featured Canadian indie stars like Brent Banks, Aiden Prince, Phil Atlas, and others who were not normally featured on national television. But by the end of the night, Twitter was ablaze with praise for one BCW regular in particular who stood out from the crowd. It wasn’t for his aerial prowess or Stu Hart-like submission techniques – it was for his electric personality and character, that of a true “Action Adventure Hero”, that captured the fans attention, in a nostalgic way that many of the 80s larger-than-life stars did, from the WWF to Hollywood. And that man was Stone Rockwell.

Stone Rockwell has been a veteran of the independent scene for over 15 years, bearing a striking resemblance to Asylum from long time troublemakers The Flatliners. He’s worked everywhere from Ring of Honor and CZW to Canadian independents like C4, Destiny World Wrestling and BCW. With his rousing catchphrase “Did anyone say ADVENTURE?” to his award winning smile, Rockwell is the kind of courage that pro wrestling needs today.

In a recent interview with, Impact commentator Josh Matthews singled out Rockwell for his recent Impact appearances. “You have so many incredible talents there that are now being exposed to a worldwide audience. Guys like RJ City and Stone Rockwell,” Matthews said. “Guys maybe you don’t know right now but 5 or 6 years from now, those are going to be the household names of Impact Wrestling if everything goes according to plan.” Following his debut at Impact’s One Night Only, he appeared on Impact X-Plosion the following night, in a losing effort against Rohit Raju (he’d paired with BCW wrestler Sheldon Jean, fresh back from an excursion with Pro Wrestling NOAH to face the Desi Hit Squad the previous night at ONO).

Photo: Impact Wrestling / BCW

Last Word on Pro Wrestling reached out to Impact Wrestling’s Executive Vice President Scott D’Amore, who told us “Impact Wrestling is excited and proud to help showcase some of the amazing up and coming talent from around the world as part of our partnership initiative. Partnerships with independent wrestling organizations give local talent a chance to showcase their skill on an global stage. Stone Rockwell and all BCW and Destiny talent and crew stepped up big time and showed why Southwestern Ontario has long been a breeding ground of amazing wrestling talent!”

We recently talked to the man himself, Stone Rockwell, who had these words to say to Last Word on Pro Wrestling.

Last Word on Pro Wrestling: You’re obviously a worldy adventure action hero who’s been on countless mysterious adventures. What prompted you to turn to the squared circle as the next part of your journey?

Stone Rockwell: I didn’t choose wrestling, wrestling chose me. You see, young man, adventure is a way of life. Sure it’s a heck of a catchphrase, but it’s a philosophy as well! There is more adventure in professional wrestling than one can shake a stick at.

Jones, Indiana is a small town. What was it about growing up in Jones that prompted you for a life of adventure?

People from small towns sometimes yearn for more. Pair that with a curious nature and a superior intellect and you’ve got an adventurer on your hands.

You recently made your Impact debut against Rohit Raju this past March 17 on X-Plosion. How did you end up in Orlando?

En route to Mumbai, I was contacted by a friend in Malta, who let it be known to me that a certain individual from Istanbul was going to be in Mongolia. Make sense?

You were also featured on Impact’s One Night Only: March Breakdown co-promotion with BCW the night before. How you did you find your partner that night, Sheldon Jean? Was he as receptive as other sidekicks?

Fine young man, lacks a catch phrase and any sort of charisma, but my goodness he is spry. It would be a pleasure to battle alongside him again one day.

Wrestling fans took to Twitter and you got a lot of mention from new fans who only saw you for the first time that night, all positive. How did that kind of acknowledgement of your adventuring ways feel?

My man, I’m hoping it’s the only the beginning. Stone Rockwell needs only a platform and the sky’s the limit! Hopefully the right people at the right time make the right decisions.

What adventures are you most proud of?

The fact that I have the ability to have my next adventure, good sir.

Being a world class adventure hero is a lot different than being a professional wrestler. How did you train for the transition to the ring?

Being a man of action and adventure allows you to be quick mentally and physically. Ready for anything and everything at a moments notice!

For your new fans from your recent debut on Impact Wrestling and their ONO with BCW, when can they expect your next big adventure?

Again, young man, it’s all up to people other than myself. All I can promise is that anywhere Adventure is, you will get an experience unlike anything else in professional wrestling.

Do you have any classified adventures that you’re willing to spill the beans on for your new fans?

Ha ha ha, it simply wouldn’t be classified at that point would it?

Do you still find Nazis to be your greatest foil in your adventures, or have other villains joined the fray to quel your adventures?

How old do you think I am? Nazis? You may have me confused with a fictional character from a movie or television program.  I, as you can see, am flesh and blood, pure 100% , Adventure. Anyone who represents the same old status quo ‘professional wrestler’ stands in my way.

What is your favourite kind of adventure?

My favourite adventures always begin with the word “yes”. Nothing spectacular has ever started with the word “no”.

What do you name the dog?

On an adventure, young lad, the dog will show you what his/her name should be…



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