#AndNEW: Sammii Jayne Captures OTT Women’s Championship

Photo: twitter.com/SammiiJayne91

At today’s stellar OTT all women’s show Defiant Sammii Jayne captured the OTT Women’s Championship.  The current reigning Pro Wrestling EVE: Championship holder, Jayne defeated Nina Samuels in a qualifier earlier in the show and was joined in the main event by fellow qualifiers Katey Harvey and Raven Creed to face defending champion Session Moth Martina.  Martina was at an instant disadvantage, having been in a No Rules Fatal 4-way match the night before. “Bad Boy” Joey Janela, LJ Cleary and TK Cooper put her and themselves through hell for the Gender Neutral Championship, meaning Martina entered this at far less than 100%.

In an extremely heated elimination match, Creed and Jayne formed an early alliance.  After an attack on the already injured leg, Martina was brought to the back leaving Harvey in a 2-on-1 situation.  Martina would return and the match would come down to Jayne vs Martina.  To the shock of the crowd, Jayne pinned Martina to become the new OTT Women’s Champion.

Sammii Jayne, at only 25, is putting together an impressive resume of championships and provides OTT with a strong heel champion going forward (Editor’s Note: She’s also the reigning Revolution Championship Wrestling, Discovery Wrestling and Main Event Wrestling Women’s Champion).  She is an asset to the current women’s division and fans cannot wait to see Martina come back for revenge, plus the eventual showdown with now fan favourite Katey Harvey.  The OTT Women’s Division just got a whole lot more exciting!


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