#AndNEW: Austin Aries Adds The Impact Grand Championship To His Collection

Austin Aries

Last night on Impact on Pop!, a new Grand Champion was crowned. In a champion vs champion match against Matt SydalAustin Aries captured the only men’s championship in Impact Wrestling he hadn’t held.

Impact Grand Championship is Latest Addition for the Belt Collector, Austin Aries

For those curious, don’t worry, the Belt Collector let the audience know. “That’s five,” A Double repeated into the camera. That’s because he also currently holds gold in Defiant WrestlingIPW:UK, and World Series Wrestling. After also setting his eyes on Ring of Honor‘s Television Title, one can safely assume Aries will soon be wearing an entire suit made of championships he has won all over the world to protect him from his opponents.

As his opponent for RedemptionAlberto El Patron, watched (while enjoying his dinner), Aries landed his brainbuster for the pin. You can find a link to Impact’s highlight video from YouTube below.


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