Preview: OTT Martina’s Gaff Party (3/31/18)

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OTT run two shows this weekend as they return home to the Tivoli Theatre.  The first of the weekend’s shows is Martina’s Gaff Party, as “The Session Moth” prepares to head to Japan.  Last year’s gaff party was a huge event that saw Drew Galloway debut and Marty Scurll make a surprise appearance.

Match 1: Dunkan Disorderly vs Adam Brooks

Photo: OTT

A rare singles appearance from Kings Of The North member Disorderly.  He takes on Brookes, who is not liked by the OTT faithful, having cheated against and disrespected Mark Haskins.  Disorderly is a very underappreciated member of the KOTN and he is a tough S.O.B. He will not hesitate to run through Brooks to help the Kings regain momentum after suffering some shock defeats.  Brooks will look to make another impression on the card and ruffle some feathers with his antics.

Predictions: Dunkan Disorderly to win

Match 2: Mark Haskins vs Scotty Davis

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This is a match that has any OTT watcher excited.  Haskins is one of Europe’s best and he has an intensity to his matches that not many others can match.  Technically proficient and not afraid to kick your head off, he can attack from all angles.  He faces off with the perfect opponent in Davis.  “The Shooter” Scotty Davis is Ireland’s own human suplex machine.  He is known to unleash a lethal Black Mass kick and is as good as anyone else on the island on the mat.  A very interesting clash of two men with very similar styles.  Davis will also give it his all as he is given the chance to prove himself against former NLW and PROGRESS champion Mark Haskins.

Predictions: Mark Haskins to win

Number 1 Contenders Match: Kings Of The North (Damian Corvin & Bonesaw) vs Angel Cruzers (Angel Cruz & B Cool)

Photo: OTT

The Cruzers made up with each other at Contenders 7.  After arguing and seemingly breaking up for months, they hugged it out, much to the crowd’s delight.  Now back and ready to take on the world, they want gold.  The crowd very clearly christened them “Next World Champs” at Contenders.  One big obstacle standing in the way is the former champions, The Kings Of The North.  The Kings suffered a surprise defeat to Aussie Open at Contenders and doubts are creeping in.  Cool and the KOTN have history from back in the Gymnasties vs KOTN days.  The renewal of that rivalry is an exciting prospect for longtime fans.  The fans respect the Kings but they love the Cruzers and will fully back the underdogs.

Predictions: Kings Of The North to win

NLW Championship Tournament Qualifier: El Phantasmo vs Chris Ridgeway

Photo: OTT

Ridgeway makes his OTT debut in a qualifier for the NLW title tournament, that will take place at Contenders 8 and 9.  For anyone who has not seen Ridgeway, he is a disciple of the Shoot fight style.  He is completely original in an often too similar UK scene.  He will kick heads off and tap people out at his will.  He takes on the returning Phantasmo.  He debuted against Nathan Martin, in what was an amazing spectacle of the cruiserweight style both men employ.  An interesting clash of styles between two workers that are on the rise in the UK scene.

Predictions: El Phantasmo to win

No Rulez Gender Neutral Championship- LJ Cleary (c) vs Session Moth Martina vs TK Cooper vs “Bad Boy”Joey Janela

Photo: OTT

New champion Cleary has a trial by fire.  There are no rules, three world travelled opponents, and an angry Session Moth.  Janela in a no DQ match is a recipe for danger, while Cooper makes his debut as a replacement for injured Jurn Simmons.  The South Pacific Power Trip member will definitely make an impression.  Martina wants revenge after Cleary rolled her up to capture the title at Contenders 7.  Last but not least, we have champion LJ Cleary.  The talented young man is more than up to the challenge of facing three great wrestlers.  With no rules this match, will be absolutely chaotic and OTT has recently done very well with these type of hardcore frenzies.

Predictions: LJ Cleary to win and retain

Match 6: Jordan Devlin vs Angelico

Photo: OTT

The Import Killer faces another import here as AAA and Lucha Underground star Angelico makes his OTT debut.  The lanky, athletic South African is an excellent high flier.  He is most known for his highlight reel roof dives in Lucha Underground and his tag team with Jack Evans.  Devlin is OTT’s biggest star and is used to killing imports.  He can match most high fliers but really has the technical edge in this.  This continues Devlin’s streak of fantastic matches and Angelico will surely make a great first impression with the OTT faithful.

Predictions: Jordan Devlin

This is the first of two OTT shows this Easter weekend.  On sunday OTT makes history and runs the first ever all women’s wrestling show in Ireland Defiant.


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