Leaving Reseda: PWG Moving To New Venue

Photo: Jacob Cohen / twitter.com/MrJacobCohen

For the first time since 2008, PWG is moving its homebase. Pro Wrestling Guerrilla announced tonight on their Twitter that after a decade in Reseda, California at the American Legion Hall, PWG is moving on to a new hometown.

PWG is kind of like a hermit crab promotion – it finds its comfortable shell of a home and once it’s outgrown its size, it moves onto the next one. It spent 2003, its first year, based out of Los Angeles (primarily at the Westside Jewish Community Center), where it was averaging about 125 people per show. In 2004, they moved to Elks Lodge in Santa Ana, California, where they began to push nearly 200 fans. By the end of the year, they’d moved back to LA, and Hollywood-Los Feliz Jewish Community Center, where they began to best 200 people on a regular basis. By the fall of 2006, they were starting to burst at the seams, pushing past 300. For the second annual Battle of Los Angeles, they relocated to American Legion Post #308 in Reseda, where they began bringing in over 400 people on a regular basis. They briefly tried a few other spots in short runs – the Armoury in Van Nuys, then the Armory in Burbanks for BOLA ’07, but from June 2008’s It’s It (What Is It)Reseda won the courtship and American Legion 308 became PWG’s Madison Square Garden or ECW Arena. Since then, only their three Kurt RussellReunion shows (held at LA’s Los Angeles Airport Westin Hotel) and 2014’s CZW/PWG Supershow over WrestleMania weekend in 2014, have been held outside of the Legion in Reseda. Until this month’s Time Is A Flat Circle.

Time Is A Flat Circle was originally slated for the American Legion, just like every show had been for a decade, but at the end of February, PWG suddenly announced “an error with PayPal” that caused them to oversell the show. Instead of refunding ticket holders, they just decided to rebook the show somewhere else instead.

That somewhere else was The Globe Theater back in Los Angeles – a venue that has a capacity of nearly 1700 people. A far cry from the 500 or so they were pushing with ease in Reseda. And while the official attendance for the show hasn’t been announced, PWG was surprising ready for the new larger venue. Photos soon emerged of PWG’s brand new stage set up, which was a remarkably modern upgrade compared to its regular look. And to begin the new era of PWG, they crowned a new PWG World Heavyweight Champion in Keith Lee.

PWG BOLA 2017, the old entrance ramp in the back behind Penta El 0M (Photo: Mike Nolan / facebook.com/MikeyNolanPhotography)

With a slicker looking set and moving to a better looking (and bigger) venue, one would wonder if they were upgrading appearances for something to do with film – like perhaps moving to a more up to date streaming service. Either way, the new venue looks very chic and its buzz is pumping some new blood into the PWG legacy.


While the new venue and location of the homebase has yet to be confirmed, most assume that it’s most likely The Globe Theater in LA and that Time Is A Flat Circle was a test run. Whether it’s at The Globe Theater or another larger club in California, they’ve got a new set and desire to press forward, which is great to see in any promotion. It’s also a clear sign that someone has awoken the Super Dragon – hopefully enough to see him in the ring one more time.


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