UK Wrestler “Primate” Jason Prime Announces Retirement

Photo: Warrior – Fight Photography

At Defiant Wrestling‘s Road To No Regrets event in Newcastle, England last night, Jason Prime – better known to wrestling fans as Primate – announced his retirement from professional wrestling. Primate revealed that following a ring accident eight weeks ago, he had broken his jaw and had to have it rebuilt and wired shut (hence his speaking in the video below). But following a check up last Friday, he was informed by the doctor that his wrestling days were now over as any form of impact to his jaw ongoing could result in his weakened jaw shattering. With a tear in his eyes, Primate thanked Defiant, WhatCulture and the fans in attendance, as he revealed he was retiring from the ring.

The news is even sadder when you consider that Primate is only a four year veteran of the ring, trained by Rampage Brown and beginning with Cumbria’s Target Wrestling in 2014, then Newcastle’s Main Event Wrestling (MEW) in 2015. In 2016, he got his big break as he was selected for the opening roster for WhatCulture’s foray into professional wrestling, WCPW, where he became a fan favourite for his hardcore approach to the sport. He was WCPW’s first Hardcore Champion, and stayed with the promotion when it transitioned to Defiant Wrestling last year. He won another Hardcore Championship and recently held the Defiant Tag Team titles alongside another UK savage, Jimmy Havoc. Through his work with Defiant and rise through the UK indie scene, Primate found himself on cards with PROGRESS, ICW, IPW:UK and much more.

The good news is that Jason Prime has already found a new venture post-Primate – in fact it was in motion before his retirement announcement. Prime will be a key part of Battle Ready, a brand new performance center and training school for British wrestling, that looks to open this coming summer.

It didn’t take long for BritWres stars, promoters and personalities to sound off on British wrestling’s loss.


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