El Generico Is Alive: The Resurrection of a Lucha Saint


Thirty minutes prior to the opening of Monday Night Raw, the wrestling world was stunned to discover that a lucha libre legend long thought dead was in fact alive. For the first time in years, the Twitter account of El Generico came back to life. The activation comes coincidentally just days after his former tag team partner Kevin Steen returned to Twitter, after being renamed Kevin Owens while employed by the WWE. Conspiracy theorists will no likely bring up rumours that El Generico is actually former WWE employee Sami Zayn, who was also released alongside Steen, but it’s clearly just a coincidence.

Last we had heard of El Generico, was from his former friend and foe Kevin Steen himself, he said that El Generico had been found dead in a ditch in Mexico, the apparent victim of a mob hit by the Cartel. El Generico had retired from professional wrestling in 2013 after an 11-year career, moving back to his native Mexico to help run an orphanage.

Photo: Devin Chen

El Generico was one of the most feared competitors in the international indie scene from the early 2000s until his retirement, competing in the United States, the UK, Canada, Japan, Germany and other countries, including his native Mexico. He retired from the ring a 2x PWG World Champion, 5x PWG World Tag Team Champion, ROH Television Champion, 2x ROH Tag Team Champion, wXw Unified World Wrestling Champion and DDT’s KO-D Openweight Champion. A frequent tag team partner of Kevin Steen, he won Tag Team gold twice in PWG, as well as once in Ring of Honor.

Photo: ROH

With his former tag team partner now back in the independents, it perhaps could have prompted the former luchador, who clearly faked his death, to return to the ring.




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