#AndNEW: Kento Miyahara Wins All Japan Triple Crown Championship

Photo: twitter.com/MasanoriHorie

All Japan Pro Wrestling (AJPW) made a big splash in their very first show since launching their new streaming service.  The main event of Triple Crown Champion Joe Doering vs Kento Miyahara was mouth watering, as it was the chance to see Miyahara win the gold once again.  Doering has long been a fantastic wrestler and has the miracle story to make him a hero and his reign continued the momentum that All Japan has had in it’s recent revival.  What any AJPW fan expected is what we got.  These two men lived up to the billing of Puroresu with Miyahara’s beautiful knee strikes on full display.

That revival was caused solely by one man – the Ace of All Japan, Kento Miyahara.  Arguably the second best wrestler in the world behind only Kazuchika Okada, both in match quality and in drawing ability, Miyahara’s 464 day reign as champion saw the critical view of All Japan change for the better.  It also proved to be good for business,s as average attendances almost tripled.  With AJPW launching it’s streaming service and making Champions Carnival (similar to the G1) a key draw, putting the belt in a 5-star match maker and a proven draw is a great decision.  The fact that Miyahara has had great matches with all the favorites of the Carnival and is a participant in a stacked group.  Miyahara’s group A features Shuji Ishikawa, Shingo Takagi from Dragon Gate and of course Doering. The title switch makes the upcoming Champions Carnival match between the two mean so much more.  What is already a tense and high stakes affair between two of the favorites now has the added implication of being the big rematch between the two.

With Miyahara as champion, so many interesting booking avenues open up.  He has friend Yoshi Tatsu vying for the title, he has rival Suwama and the fallen Doering all breathing down his neck.  Miyahara vs Suwama has so far been the key rivalry of the reborn AJPW and will no doubt continue now that Miyahara holds the gold once again.  And I for one am very excited to see the Ace hold the championship once again


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