Preview: PROGRESS Chapter 65: Have Some Faith In Sound (3/25/18)


PROGRESS return to action after a month’s break since Chapter 64.  We are full steam ahead for the big Manchester show as well as the annual Superindie weekender Super Strong Style 16.  PROGRESS Chapter 65 is as stacked a card as you will see with the ATLAS title match and Tag team championship match sure to steal the show at PROGRESS Chapter 65: Have Some Faith In Sound.

Match 1: Danny Duggan vs Danny Jones


PROGRESS put this best: NJPW LA Dojo bound Duggan vs All Japan Dojo graduate Jones.  This is a first round Natural Progression Series bout between two highly exciting prospects.  Jones has made his PROGRESS debut already and “Dragon Heart” is mostly known for competing with Dragon Pro UK.  Jones, having spent time in All Japan Pro Wrestling, is a hard hitter.  He faces Duggan, who is making his PROGRESS debut, and has mainly made IPW:UK his home.  The purpose of the NPS has always been to give wrestlers like these two a bigger platform to prove themselves on.  The winner will face “Dunkzill” Mark Davis in Round Two, in what is sure to be a tough challenge for either man.

Predictions: Danny Jones to win 

Match 2: Killer Kelly vs Session Moth Martina vs Millie Mckenzie vs Chakara w/ House Of Couture


Germany’s Killer Kelly makes her PROGRESS debut, known to fans of Westside Xtreme Wrestling (wXw) as the first ever wXw Women’s champion.  She takes on possibly European women’s wrestling’s fastest rising star, Martina.  She is prepped to have a breakout time in New Orleans with her match vs Marty DeRosa at Wrestling Revolver on top of whatever mischief she can get up to. She recently became a full-time wrestler and there is no shortage of companies looking to snap her up for some dates before she heads off to Stardom in Japan.  They share the ring with two women that are the future of women’s wrestling.  Ever since aligning with Jinny, Chakara has benefited from her mentor’s injury to step up and deliver some fantastic performances.  The woman that retired Pollyanna is not to be messed with.  The final participant is Mille Mckenzie.  This girl is bad ass in a way that no other woman in wrestling can replicate.  There is no world in which these four don’t kill it.  If you watch nothing else, watch this match.

Predictions: Chakara to win

Match 3: Douglas Williams vs Rob Lynch


Due to James Davis being blacklisted from British Wrestling, Lynch is left without an angle.  His heated story with former London Riots partner falling through has seen him tread water ever since.  He takes on a British wrestling legend in an ATLAS division match.  Williams never fails to have a decent at worst match and is a great opponent to ease Lynch into singles work.  This will have all the ATLAS division fun mixed with some technical fun.

Predictions: Rob Lynch to win

Match 4: PROGRESS Tag Team Championship Match: Grizzled Young Vets (Zack Gibson & James Drake) (c) vs Havoc & Haskins w/ Vicky Haskins vs Sexy Starr (David Starr & Jack Sexsmith)


After the quickie title swap between GYV and Havoc and Haskins, the title scene is just as confusing as ever.  At least this time we have some good guys involved.  Starr and Sexsmith are obviously a fantastic pairing that the whole crowd will get behind.  There is animosity involved here for Sexsmith, as it was by assaulting him that Havoc and Haskins (H&H) announced their partnership to the world, and he had a lengthy feud last year with Gibson.  How good would it be for him to prove himself to his enemies by winning the tag team championships and beating them all?  Unfortunately for Sexy Starr, they are getting involved in a bitter feud between GYV and H&H.  This will be chaotic, this will be emotional, and someone might lose an eye.  But that’s the beauty of tag team wrestling.

Predictions: Grizzled Young Vets to retain

Match 5: Chris Brookes vs TK Cooper


These two have been at each other’s throats ever since Cooper returned from injury.  The animosity has reached a boiling point between the two who clearly don’t respect each other.  They have already shared a ring as part of a triple threat match for the PROGRESS world title and have had more than one brawl spill out of hand.  The hatred between these two is palpable and I have a feeling this isn’t the end.

Predictions: TK Cooper

Match 6: ATLAS Division Championship: WALTER (c) vs Rampage Brown


Two names synonymous with the ATLAS division.  Brown has recently come back to PROGRESS after a long spell away.  WALTER has grounded the division and put on some special matches to become the #1 “Big Lad” in PROGRESS.  Rampage Brown is currently 2-0 against WALTER and these two have not faced each other since 2015.  Last time these two men shared a ring, they broke the ring with an Irish whip.  This will have hard-hitting action that will make anyone wince.  Two of the best at what they do in PROGRESS, this will be a standout match in the ATLAS division’s short history.

Predictions: WALTER to win and retain

Match 7: PROGRESS Heavyweight Championship: Travis Banks (c) vs Flash Morgan Webster


Webster cashes in his Thunderbastard win to face seemingly unbeatable Travis Banks.  Webster has seemingly aligned with Vicky Haskins which is a good move for his career. as he wasn’t picking up wins as the good guy Modfather.  Travis Banks has not had a peaceful time lately.  Two of his tag partners feuding and challenging for his belt, as well as the fans starting to turn on him a little.   Banks is left at a disadvantage against the new Webster as we have yet to see Webster perform with Haskins in his corner.  The fighting champion Banks has faced bigger and better challengers than Webster and he should pick up the win here.  For Webster it’s another chance to ascend to the top and fulfill the potential, he showed when he won the Natural Progression Series.

Predictions: Travis Banks to win and retain


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