Preview: WWE Fastlane Smackdown Live Tag Team Championship Match (3/11/18)

Preview: WWE Fastlane Smackdown Live Tag Team Championship Match (3/11/18)

The Uso’s and The New Day renew their critically acclaimed rivalry from last year.

Throughout 2017, The Uso Twins and The New Day have fought as they elevated the perception of tag team wrestling in WWE, having some of the best matches of the year. From Street Fights to even a Tag Team Hell in a Cell encounter that ended their initial feud, the matches between these two teams showed a fire in tag team wrestling that audiences been longing for since the inaugural Tag Team Ladder Match back at No Mercy 1999.

Fast forward to the 20th of February edition of Smackdown Live; The New Day went head to head against former #1 contenders Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable (who were coming off a disappointing Royal Rumble Tag Team Championship match) to determine who would go to Fastlane to face off against the twins. New Day would win against the Minnesotan tag team earning that #1 contender right.

The following week, The Uso’s and New Day would go head to head in a promo to hype up the tag team match. New Day came out first and they were adamant about going into WrestleMania 34 as the Smackdown Live Tag Team Champions, by defeating (as Kofi Kingston eloquently stated) their greatest rivals in the Uso’s. The Uso’s would respond at first acknowledging their mutual respect to The New Day, however, reminding them that they were the last team standing at their Hell in a Cell encounter. The Uso’s elaborate that they were similar to New Day “dancing” and “singing” with them not getting anywhere and not making it on the main card where New Day was on the main card at WrestleMania 32 & hosted WrestleMania 33. Big E responded powerfully stated that New Day broke records, competed and hosted WrestleMania while The Uso’s were in the back, “eating catering.” E would conclude that at Fastlane they will become Tag Team Champions for the fifth time.


Fans and analysts would agree that this match has the potential to easily steal the show in similar fashion to Battleground 2017 & Hell in a Cell 2017. These two teams are easily the best tag team that the main roster has (aside from The Bar). Overall, Fastlane isn’t a bad card by any means. On paper, it’s a well-balanced show. However, this may be the match of the night due to their history and their rivalry being renewed.

With the way that this match is going to be, it seems that the winner may be going into a program against the team of Luke Harper and Erick Rowan aka The Bludgeon Brothers. Everyone should expect this match to be one of the best of the evening.

Prediction: The Uso’s win via Pinfall

The X-Factor of the match is possible outside interference. The Bludgeon Brothers have been featured heavily on Smackdown Live as the next dominant force on television. They’ve crossed paths with both teams after that intense promo on the 27th of February of Smackdown Live. A possible ending could be that Harper and Rowan lay waste to both teams, making a statement in the process (via no contest) adding a third team to the rivalry. However, they might just want to do that after the match and target the winner. It truly could go either way. If the Uso’s win, it just implies that it will be just between them and the Bludgeon Brothers. If The New Day wins, it would most likely be a triple threat tag team match. However, The Uso’s from their wrestling to their promos, it would be a nice change of pace for this team to go into Mania as the champions for the first time.


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