Ultimate Deletion Filming Today, Woken To Become Broken?

Photo: WWE

It was reported today by Mike Johnson of PWInsider that WWE cameras are at the Hardy Compound in Cameron, North Carolina to film The Ultimate Deletion, the first “Final Deletion” style segment for the Woken Matt Hardy character since his Broken character emerged in the WWE Universe. The last Deletion segment filmed was November 2016’s Tag Team Apocalypto with Impact Wrestling.

The Ultimate Deletion is set to be the next chapter and possible conclusion of the Bray Wyatt vs Woken Matt Hardy feud that has been part of Monday Night Raw for the past few months, that started with Bray Wyatt “breaking” Matt Hardy again and lead to a series of mind games between the two that has lead many fans indifferent on the angle. To those who saw the Broken Universe in Impact, it seemed to have stalled and to those new to the story, it didn’t make sense. It appears, though, that WWE was in essence rebooting the story, and working his build slow, much like how Impact started slow before he indoctrinated his “Brother Nero” Jeff Hardy after Final Deletion and began to add new soldiers like VANGUARD-1, Senor Benjamin, Queen Rebecca (his wife Reby Hardy) and King Maxel, his son. Hopefully, Ultimate Deletion gets the Woken character back on track and recaptures the magic from its initial run in Impact. Matt Hardy himself has been teasing the addition of his Woken/Broken soldiers in the past few weeks, with even Senor Benjamin getting into it on his own Twitter.

For those wondering, Lord Wolfgang is Matt and Reby’s second son, and Skarsgard is the dilapidated boat from the original series of Deletion vignettes. Jeff Hardy was recently cleared by his doctors to return to action, but he has yet to be cleared by WWE doctors, but he could still appear in a non-physical role. Interestingly, Matt Hardy also teased transitioning from Woken to Broken late last night in a series of tweets.

Ultimate Deletion is reportedly NOT scheduled to be a part of WrestleMania 34 as officials want a live match and not something pre-taped for the WWE’s biggest event of the year, meaning that it will appear in segments on an upcoming Raw prior to WrestleMania. This has lead many to speculate that perhaps Matt Hardy will end up aligning with Bray Wyatt following Ultimate Deletion and the two may end up being the duo that challenges The Bar for the Raw Tag Team titles at WrestleMania, following a report that The Bar’s challengers are two individuals on the WWE roster who are “not currently a team”.


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