Sami Callihan Responds To Backlash Over Eddie Edwards Bat Incident


This past Thursday, Impact Wrestling drew one of it’s highest rating in years with a show that main evented with a gruesome and brutal match up between OvE‘s Sami Callihan and Eddie Edwards. While the match itself was hard hitting and fast paced, it was the ending that had the internet world a-buzz, when Callihan seemingly struck Edwards in the face with a baseball bat, that resulted in major blood loss and a trip to the hospital.

For die hard fans, this segment was old news, as it was heavily reported on when it happened back in mid-January when it was originally filmed. Eddie Edwards even reported in the next day that everything was okay and it was just a “couple broken bones”. Edwards hasn’t wrestled since the incident.

Following the airing of the episode, TMZ followed up on the event the following Friday morning, including interviewing Eddie Edwards himself on the incident.

While many within the internet wrestling fan community and industry had heard of the matches horrific ending, for most, Thursday night was the first time they saw the encounter. Many wrestling personalities to quick to criticize Callihan for the spot, including Jim Cornette and an equally fired up Kassius Ohno (formerly Chris Hero).

With the wrestling community (both performers and fans) worked up and somewhat divided, Sami Callihan appeared in a video for TMZ today to address the situation, apparently sent by Impact Wrestling management to apologize for his actions. What happened next, was another promo from Callihan.

Reports state that privately Callihan and Edwards have made piece over the incident since it occurred, but as far as TV goes – Impact or TMZ alike – it seems that kayfabe is still very much alive. For those watching at home, Edwards’ ally of late, former Impact World Champion Bobby Lashley, was scheduled to team with Edwards next week for the special Cross Roads event against Callihan’s brethren in OvE, Dave & Jake Crist, but Impact is holding out on whether the match will still take place.


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