Preview: SPW Fight for Gold (3/3/2018)

Photo: SPW

Taking place on Saturday, March 3rd in Invercargill, Southland, New Zealand, Fight for the Gold is Southern Pro Wrestling New Zealand (SPW)‘s  first major show since October, which is a shame, because they have a lot to offer. This is shaping up to be quite the memorable show this Saturday, with personal rivalries and championship gold on the line in several matches. Let’s jump right in and run down the card…

Marcus “Hooligan” Kool v. Hammer

Photo: SPW

At SPW Southern Rumble last July, the former SPW Heavyweight Champion Hooligan lost to Hammer in a record 48 seconds. Later that evening, Hooligan eliminated Hammer from the Southern Rumble Match, costing him a chance at the SPW New Zealand Heavyweight Championship. At Halloween Haunting this past October, they both distracted each other in the respective matches, and both ending up losing. Finally, Hooligan gets his rematch. Expect a lot of intensity from these two considering the build-up, and this one will go a little longer than 48 seconds.
Prediction: Hammer

SPW Tag Team Championship Match: NZXT v. Down to Fight

Photo: SPW

NZXT is a brand new tag team for SPW New Zealand, competing in their first match as a team at Halloween Haunting last year. Their debut match was a winning effort. Over whom, you ask? Oh, just the unannounced mainstays of the SPW Tag Team division, Down to Fight. This time, though, it’s for the newly minted tag team gold, the first ever tag belts for the company. This rematch will have a bit more length to it as their first outing, since the belts are on the line and it’s about more than introducing a new team. It’s too early to derail NZXT’s momentum, but expect their win to come via dirty tactics.
Prediction: NZXT

JXT v. T-Rex

Photo: SPW

T-Rex, the man who lost the SPW New Zealand Heavyweight Championship to JK Moody in October, is now representing his company in a special Southern Pro Wrestling versus Melbourne City Wrestling match against JXT (who just lost to Elliot Sexton this past Saturday in MCW). This match has very little build in terms of story, but both men are talented in ring workers, so expect the match to focus on work-rate, and pride in representing their respective companies.
Prediction: T-Rex

Falcon Kid v. Liam Fury v. Paul Sayers v. Will Power in a Fight for Gold Ladder Match

Photo: SPW

This multi-man ladder for which the event is named, has the same stipulations as a Money in the Bank Ladder match. A briefcase is hanging above the ring, containing a contract for an SPW New Zealand Heavyweight Championship match, at the time and place of the winner’s choosing. This match is very unpredictable going in, but with Will Power having the most momentum and notoriety, he’ll be the one sitting atop the ladder with his briefcase raised.
Prediction: Will Power

SPW New Zealand Heavyweight Championship: “The Antidote” JK Moody (c) v. Kane Khan

Photo: SPW

Flash back to July 2016 at SPW Southern Rumble. A new tag team debuts, called the Deadly Sins, composed of JK Moody and Kane Khan. One year afterwards, they both compete in the annual Southern Rumble event, a Royal Rumble style match, where they were the last two standing. JK Moody eliminates his tag team partner, and earns a title shot at Halloween Haunting 2017, last October. He wins the title from T-Rex, and Khan, comes out to celebrate with him. But apparently Moody didn’t want to share the spotlight, because he hit Khan with the title, setting up this feud and turning heel. This match with be emotional, focusing on their history together, but also with great action as both of these two move very well.
Prediction: JK Moody


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