Preview: PROGRESS Chapter 64 Thunderbastards Are GO! (2/25/2018)


As the chapter title probably gives away, PROGRESS Chapter 64 will see the return of the Thunderbastard match.  In the past, the match has created stars and provided a stage for some big rivalries to progress or start.  That alone makes this must-see,  but this is PROGRESS so they have stacked the rest of the card once again.  Let’s dive right into the action.

Match 1: Charlie Morgan vs Millie McKenzie


Morgan turned on Toni Storm after they teamed together to face Chakara and Nina Samuels.  McKenzie finds herself back at the bottom of the division after her injury.  She faces an uphill battle against the new Morgan, who will no doubt have the House Of Couture at ringside with her.  Mckenzie, much like Storm, is going to find it hard to fight Jinny and her posse with no real allies.  The odds are stacked firmly against Mckenzie but she is tough and will not go down without a fight.  4 on 1 odds are too much even for Mckenzie, especially with her rival Nina Samuels being a HOC member.

Predictions: Charlie Morgan to win

Match 2: Sexy Starr (Jack Sexsmith & David Starr) vs Anti-Fun Police (Damian Dunne & Los Federales Santos Jr.)


Dunne returns to PROGRESS and brings along his tag partner, and fellow officer, Santos Jr. Dunne has history with opponent Sexsmith.  During his last run, Dunne made Sexmith the main target of his Anti-Fun crusade.  This time he’s back and brings help along to stop Sexsmith and the fans having too much funahhh.  Sexmiths brought help as well.  A fellow lover of fun and man of far too many nicknames, David Starr.  Together they are Sexy Starr.  Santos Jr. adds some protection for Dunne and is a guy that can turn the tide of a match.  With him involved it is very likely we see the Police walk out with a win

Predictions: Anti-Fun Police to win

Match 3: Zack Sabre Jr. vs Jonah Rock


Rock makes his PROGRESS debut and the fans are in for a treat.  Built like Dave Mastiff and deceivingly agile, ever since his breakout appearance in last year’s PWG Battle Of Los Angeles, he has been adding to his reputation and a strong performance in PROGRESS ensures he’ll be back.  He faces PROGRESS fan favourite and one of the world’s best in Zack Sabre Junior Jr.  ZSJ is staying in the UK for awhile and could be building to a title match.  His style will mesh well with Rock who will look to use his power to swat away ZSJ.  ZSJ will need to be innovative to chop down the big man.  Two awesome performers clashing with both looking to make a statement.  If that isn’t a recipe for greatness, I don’t know what is.

Match 4: Thunderbastard: Mark Andrews vs Chris Brookes vs TK Cooper vs Flash Morgan Webster vs Pete Dunne vs Trent Seven vs Tyler Bate


The rules are that there is a new entrant every two minutes, elimination by pinfall, submission or DQ, with the last man standing earning a title shot.  Andrews is a previous winner having won the last Thunderbastard match, but his feud with Eddie Dennis probably rules him out of contention.  Brookes and Cooper have recently had shots for the PROGRESS title – despite coming up short they will be looking to earn another crack at either Travis Banks or Matt Riddle.  The feud developing between them may just cost them here, as they will focus too much on each other instead of their opponents.  Webster has only one win to his name in recent memory.  His inclusion in the match is surprising and he has two new enemies in the building after accidentally costing the Grizzled Young Vets the tag team titles.  Finally, we have all three members of British Strong Style.  You can never look past any of these men when it comes to big matches.  They are the only people in the match with allies and that will play into their hands very well.  It’s difficult to predict an outcome here as everyone in the match has a story to tell by winning.

Predictions: TK Cooper to win

Match 5: PROGRESS Tag Team Championships: Jimmy Havoc & Mark Haskins (w/ Vicky Haskins) (c) vs Grizzled Young Vets (James Drake & Zack Gibson)


A rematch from Chapter 63, the undefeated Havoc and Haskins snatched the victory after Webster came down to reclaim his helmet that Haskins had stolen and introduced into the match.  The last match between the two heel units involved a plethora of cheating.  Both teams tried to outsmart each other at every turn.  They still hurled everything they had at each other.  They once again go to war and this time it’s personal.  Drake and Gibson are out for revenge after being screwed.  Havoc and Haskins are always up for a war and won’t back down from a fight.  Webster is the X-factor in this match, if he stays away GYV have a chance if not he could mess it up for them again.

Predictions: Jimmy Havoc & Mark Haskins to win and retain

Match 6: PROGRESS World Championship: Travis Banks (c) vs Matt Riddle


As voted for by PROGRESS fans, we get the rubber match for the title.  Riddle and Banks have twice faced off and each time it has been a fantastic match.  The two are very similar in style.  They hit hard with fierce strikes and kicks.  They can go on the mat in an MMA style.  They can both move fast.  It’s a fight between two very similarly matched wrestlers as shown by how close their previous two matches were.  Banks has been a fighting champion and taken on all comers.  This has caused issues with his former CCK and South Pacific Power Trip teammates.  With that hanging over him will he be able to focus on this match.  Riddle will take advantage of any weakness and Banks will need to be at his best to win the rubber match of their fantastic trilogy.

Predictions: Travis Banks to win and retain


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