Young Bucks Go Heavyweight, Target Golden Lovers (VIDEO)

Photo: NJPW

At today´s NJPW / ROH show, Honor Rising Night two, The Golden Lovers ( Kenny Omega & Kota Ibushi) reunited and had their first tag team match in four years against the team of Cody Rhodes & Marty Scurll (they’d teamed previously in a 6-man tag match the night before). Not only did the story between Kenny and Cody continue, but what happened afterwards is a surprise that sounds “Too Sweet”.

Photo: NJPW

In the Main Event of the Honor Rising, the Golden Lovers defeated the Bullet Club team with their new Finishing Move, the “Golden Trigger” which is a combination of Ibushi’s “Kamigoye” knee strike and Omega´s V-Trigger. The freshly debuted finisher was able to keep Marty Scurll down for the three-count and the reunited team got their first victory in their first match back.

Photo: NJPW

After the Match, the Lovers cut a promo to close the show. During the Speech, Kenny said, that, despite some mistakes were made, they are the best Tag Team in the world and they want to show to everyone around the world. Shortly after the sentence was uttered, the Young Bucks came to the ring and with visible disagreement in their eyes, Matt Jackson announced the official change to the Heavyweight class for the Young Bucks and that they are the best Tag Team in the world. A shocked Kenny Omega tried to talk to the Bucks but they left the ring with a Dream Match in the air for 2018. Kenny and Kota closed the show with “Goodbye and Good Night”, which could be the future for Bullet Club…


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