Stardom Snaps Up Two More UK Stars


World Wonder Ring Stardom (Stardom) is the premier women’s wrestling company in the world.  Its brand of hard-hitting, highly athletic Joshi Puroresu is a hit with fans all around the world.  It was one of the first Japanese promotions to embrace the American fans with their on-demand site Stardom World being available in fully translated English.  It has made international stars such as NXT’s Kairi Sane and Shayna Baszler, as well as Io Shirai and current World Of Stardom champion Toni Storm. It is a promotion that has provided an opportunity for so many women’s wrestlers from Europe to grow and gain a new audience.  Today they announced two more debuts from the UK and Ireland, Session Moth Martina and Candyfloss.

Session Moth Martina


While her rival Katey Harvey may argue otherwise, Martina is the first lady of Irish wrestling.  One of OTT’s biggest homegrown stars and current Women’s and Gender Neutral champion.  She is currently scheduled to face WWE UK Champion Pete Dunne at OTT Outer Space Odyssey 4.  She has been gaining a reputation all over the UK as one of the most entertaining women’s wrestlers on the scene.  Her party hard character is a big hit with fans, but don’t let that fool you – Martina is tough as nails and can wrestle as well as any other women’s wrestler.  She can now add a Stardom tour to her already fantastic career which has seen her become a two-time OTT Women’s Champion, OTT Gender Neutral Champion, and ICW Women’s Champion.  She goes to Stardom to wow a new audience with all of Ireland backing her to succeed.


Photo: Roger Alarcon Photography /

Candyfloss is someone that has already been signalled out as one to watch in our Prospect Watch series.  Despite only making her debut in late 2016 and having not wrestled 50 matches, yet she has absolutely no fear of stepping into a ring.  For someone so young, she is very talented in the ring and has already had some great matches in PROGRESS.  Add to that her adorable sugar loving character and bright pink hair and it’s easy to see her becoming a big hit in Japan.  She can now tout a tour of the No.1 women’s wrestling company to her resume.  She is already fulfilling her potential and a tour of Japan will only make her better.  At such a young age, expectations are already high for Candyfloss.  And she looks set to smash them all.



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