Cruise of Jericho: With Entire ‘Being the Elite’ Cast on Board, Might This Be The End of Bullet Club?

Photo: Chris Jericho (Omega image NJPW)

In an announcement which likely comes as no surprise, Kenny Omega has officially been added to the list of wrestling stars who will be setting sail with Chris Jericho, alongside the rest of the ‘Being the Elite’ cast of Bullet Club, as part of the Rock’N’Wrestling Rager this October.

As exciting as Omega joining the cruise will be for wrestling fans, this could also mark a huge and potentially final chapter in the ongoing Bullet Club saga. Honor Rising will have happened, Supercard of Honor XII will have happened and All-In will have happened, all prior to the ship setting sail.

Omega and Cody have been fighting over who should be the leader of Bullet Club but its possible that by the end of this voyage, there might not even be a Bullet Club left to lead.

Bullet Club is Not Fine

For weeks, Last Word on Pro Wrestling has been following the Bullet Club saga which began in Sapporo at New Japan Pro Wrestling’s New Beginning show.

From Omega seemingly being ousted by Cody after preventing Adam Page from stepping up to challenge new IWGP United States Champion Jay White for the title, to the first time Cody uttered the words, “Bullet Club is Fine,” to the announcement that Cody and Omega would be headlining Ring of Honor’s Supercard of Honor XII, to Cody manipulating his stablemates trying to turn them against Omega and perhaps each other, to the tension that came about on the recent Fallout Down Under tour in Australia, to finally the battle lines being drawn and Omega and Cody coming to blows on “Pull Apart”, episode 93 of Being the Elite, the crumbling of Bullet Club has been well-documented over the past month.

Things between Bullet Club are far from fine and are far from over.

On the heels of the four-day Australia tour, members of Bullet Club will be, for the first time since tensions began several months ago when Cody tried to throw the towel in on Omega’s IWGP Heavyweight Championship match against Kazuchida Okada, facing each other head-to-head at the co-branded Honor Rising event this weekend. Omega will team up with former partner Kota Ibushi, reuniting the Golden Lovers for the first time in years, and will be joined by Bullet Club member, Chase Owens, in taking on Cody and Bullet Club’s ROH contingent, Marty Scurll and Adam Page, on night one of the two night show. Night two will feature Omega and Ibushi in a tag team match against Cody and Scurll.

Notably, the Young Bucks, who seem to be the most stuck-in-the-middle of Cody and Omega’s alpha male battle for Bullet Club leadership, are not teaming with either man. They will, however, join Page, the third member of the ROH World Six-Man Tag champions, on night two, to take on the trio of Jay White, Chuck Taylor and YOSHI-HASHI.

At ROH’s Manhatten Mayhem show just a few days later, the Bucks will once again not team with Cody, but will join Page and Scurll to take on Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian, Scorpio Sky and Shane Taylor. Meanwhile, Cody will be taking on Flip Gordon in a stipulation that is still yet to be determined.

Cody vs Omega

With just a few months until Omega and Cody’s first-time ever head-to-head battle at Supercard of Honor, there is no doubt both Honor Rising and Manhatten Mayhem will continue to build the tension between the two men, which has reached its boiling point. Everything will come to a head in April in New Orleans and it is likely the fate of Bullet Club will be decided by then as well.

If the storyline drags out longer, however, that sets up for a rematch between Omega and Cody to take place at the independently booked All-In, set for September 1 in Chicago. Cody and the Bucks are self-financing the show and even if Omega receives his formal exile from Bullet Club, he has already been confirmed for the show from a kayfabe perspective, and from a real-world perspective, has way too much drawing power to be left off the card.

That would leave the Cruise of Jericho and the Sea of Honor tournament, as the third and final installment of this trilogy. Cody, alongside top ROH talent including Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian, Jay Lethal, current ROH champion, Dalton Castle, the Young Bucks, the Briscoes, Page and Scurll, have all been confirmed for the cruise. Most of the aforementioned men, if not all, will likely be in the Sea of Honor tournament, where the winner receives a future ROH championship opportunity. If Omega is not otherwise busy in a different rematch, that of WrestleKingdom 12 and Jericho, he could find himself in this tournament as well, no doubt with a match against Cody.

If there is anything left of Bullet Club at that point, especially among the ROH/BTE group, that could crumble in the tournament. Page could face Scurll, Scurll could face Omega, Cody could face Page. The opportunities would be there for the group to come to blows, one final time, in matches one can only hope ROH will tape for a later TV broadcast.

It seems unlikely to think about the Bullet Club, one of the most influential factions in wrestling’s history coming to an end, but that very well could be the case. And it very well could be the case somewhere in the waters of the Bahamas.


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