The Caribbean Report: WWC returns, CKCW iPPV and more

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The Caribbean Report is a regular feature exclusive to Last Word on Pro Wrestling, as Emmanuel Rosado reports from Puerto Rico on the current events from the wrestling circuit of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean islands, as well as South America.

WWC Returns in March and With a Film

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Out since early September, World Wrestling Council (WWC) officially returned to national TV the weekend and announced their next show in the process.

Hurricane Maria destroyed what little hope WWC had left to put on a great show in 2017. Al though the promotion had tough time in 2017 with record low attendance and all their promising stars going to other promotions, the oldest wrestling promotion in the Caribbean was relying in the Anniversary show that was supposed to take place in October of 2017 to change it. With Maria hitting the island, not only did the Puerto Rican scene almost disappeared, but it made it much tougher for WWC to comeback in 2018. The offices of WWC were destroyed, it wasn’t just lack of electrical power, but equipment for recording and editing were severely damaged by water that had enter the office.

Now, WWC looks to make a comeback in a wrestling scene that is eager to see them again. The promotion in their TV show announced that they are returning on 3/3 in Dorado, Puerto Rico and that talents like WWC Universal Champion – and head booker – Ray Gonzalez, PWI Rookie of the year runner-up Ray Jr., Puerto Rican Champion Gilbert and Mighty Ursus are returning with them.

They were heavily featured in El Vocero, a mainstream newspaper, infamous for breaking the Bruiser Brody murder back in the day, where Carlos Colon, alongside Victor Jovica, told the media that they were hoping to have their Anniversary Show (their version of WrestleMania) in the summer or in September.

There were also rumblings of a film about the promotion in the heydays as Capitol Sport Promotions. A trailer about the movie appeared on social media and the director of the trailer – a film director that has been out of the spotlight because of plagiarizing – Transfor Ortiz confirmed that he is working on the film. The main character will be Carlos Colon, portrayed by Olympic Silver Medalist, Jaime Espinal. Other characters that were featured were Jose Gonzalez, Hercules Ayala, TNT (Savio Vega’s old gimmick) and Chicky Star. The film is still uncertain, as some people have confirmed that they are working on getting financing for the project.

CKCW features Caribbean talent on iPPV

Cleveland Knights Championship Wrestling finally had their New World Rising show on iPPV in the Fite App which featured WCW and WWE legend Eric Bischoff.

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The promotion, as we have written in the past, is a portal for talents from the Caribbean to go and work in the states, had the best match by two Puerto Rican this year. A match that, if it had taken place in the island, would be favorite for match of the year. Mike Mendoza & Star Roger for the CWA title tore the house down. The show was bad match-wise on to that point, but when the Roger/Mendoza match ended, everybody was on their feet applauding the battle that those two had. It had hard strikes and insane exchanges. Mendoza showed that he can have a good match with everybody and Roger won the crow with his supreme technique in the ring. Of all the CWA title matches that Roger has had, this is the best of them. Did you catch the Fisherman Carry on to a Canadian Destroyer between Hiromu Takahashi & Will Ospreay? Well, Mendoza and Roger did that same spot 8 hours earlier – in November that same spot was used to end the match. The end of the bout came with Roger hitting the top rope Spanish Fly on Mendoza to retain his title.

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Justin Dynamite made his debut and it impressed well with the crowd. His insane areal arsenal is bound to make him standout, but, also, his presence is something else. He won a dark match and then was added to a Money in the Bank-type of match in the semi-main event. Former Puerto Rican champion Angel Fashion won that match and now has a CKCW title opportunity. J-Rocc beat Kongo Kong to retain the CKCW title. Vanilla Vargas retain the CKCW Women’s title against Solo Darling, Shawn Phoenix & The Barbarian beat The Stateline (Damien Angel & Eddie Taurus), former WWC Universal Champion BJ & former WWL World Champion Hiram Tua beat Team Storm (Jack Pollock & Jaxon Argos). The next show will be on 4/13 in Palma, Ohio and Eric Bischoff is returning.

WWL is Next to Return

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With WWC returning, it seems that the logical thing to do it for World Wrestling League to announce their comeback in the wrestling scene. They are already putting up vignettes and promoting feuds, but they have yet to announce a show. It was once thought that they were returning in February but given that we are on that month and nothing has been announced, it makes sense that mid-March is the date.

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Before the hurricane, they were the number 1 promotion, with an alliance with The Crash Lucha Libre and the best attendance average by any promotion in the island. Now, they are facing a fire-up Championship Wrestling Association that has taken that spot and WWC, who is on their road to Anniversary and has said that they will be bringing big international stars for their events. WWL has almost all of their roster ready, including Mike Mendoza, Vanilla Vargas, JC Navarro, Mark Davidson, WWL Tag Team Champions West Side Mafia and Roxxy, the only exception (for now) is Angel Fashion, that has dates in the US until 3/10.

CCW with Celeste Bonin 

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With former WWE Divas Champion Celeste Bonin aka Kaitlyn returning to the square circles after a five-year rest, Coastal Championship Wrestling had the eyes of the wrestling scene on them. CCW, which is run by former ECW original and former WWE talent, Pablo Marquez had a big show in Coral Springs that featured three big prospects from the Puerto Rican Wrestling scene. Former WWC Jr. Heavyweight Champion OT Fernandez and old tag team partner JC Navarro were present at the show, as also one third of the WWL Six Man Champions, Mark Davidson. And if that wasn’t enough, 2-time WWC Universal Champion and The Crash regular, Mecha Wolf 450, was present.

Bonin, who is 31 at this moment, said that training this past month with Pablo Marquez made her “rediscovered her love for pro wrestling”. She added that she didn’t intended to wrestle again, but Pablo Marquez – who was El Puerto Riqueño in ECW – welcome her as family and that it was “therapeutic and ignited her passion for wrestling”.

Other news from the Caribbean

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– New Generation Championship Wrestling is heating up for their 2/24 show in Florida. The show will be headlined by Carlito against Alberto el Patrón to become the first ever NGCW Heavyweight champion. There’s also our match point match with Brazilian wrestler Zumbi against Mecha Wolf 450 and Laredo Kid. Also, in the show: Eli Drake, Chris Adonis, Billy Gunn, Mike Knox, Apolo, Chicano and more.

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– Imperio Lucha Libre in Perú had a big show on 2/4 in Lima. The show was headlined by Carlito “Caribbean Cool” retaining his Imperio Lucha Libre title against the newest Impact Wrestling signee Brian Cage. Impact Wrestling, IPW:UK, Defiant and WSW champion Austin Aries and Bullet Club member Marty Scurll was the dream match of the show, with Aries beating Scurll with his Last Chancery. Alejandro “XL” Saez beat Brazilian wrester Zumbi, Mansilla beat former WWE Tag Team Champion Paul London, Apolo beat Argentinian wrestler Vicente Viloni and Ricky Marvin beat Reptil to become the new South American Champion.

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– If you think that WWE would have lost money if they ran in Chile, Campeonato Nacional de Lucha sold-out 3 of their 5 shows in Chile. The promotion had shows in the coast and in the metropolitan area of Chile, gathering big crowds to see their favorite. Rocket retained his CNL title in the tour, Ariel Levy will be back with the promotion after surviving his 4 challenges and Alessandro retained his Metropolitan title. Chuck2Sis won back their CNL tag titles in the tour.

Cuervo is another talent from CWA that was in North America, specifically in New York. He traveled in Friday to compete alongside tag team partner Enyel for the promotions in the region. Enyel was part of a House of Glory show in the week.


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Emmanuel Figueroa Rosado is a young writer out of Puerto Rico. He's been writing about Pro Wrestling for two years, with mostly focusing in Puerto Rican and Latin American Wrestling. He also writes for a Digital Magazine called “Impacto Estelar” and occasionally is a contributor for Puerto Rican wrestling in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.


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