Match Point: Sami Callihan vs Tetsuya Naito (2/17/18)

Sami Callihan vs Tetsuya Naito

Match Point is an on-going series at Last Word on Pro Wrestling, where we look at intriguing match ups in indie wrestling and beyond. They may be dream matches, first time match ups, or hotly anticipated rematches. Today’s edition features a dream match this weekend at AAW, featuring NJPW’s Tetsuya Naito vs Sami Callihan.

Our Match Point series continues with a match that is only days away. For those of you who haven’t heard, there’s a reason why All American Wrestling‘s show on February 17th is sold out. The show is being headlined by Sami Callihan vs Tetsuya Naito. The Logan Square Auditorium is about to get a whole lot more “tranquilo”.

Photo: NJPW

The leader of Los Ingobernables de Japon has been scheduled for several shows in the US. He will also be making an appearance for Pro Wrestling Revolver and Glory Pro. It is worth noting that Pro Wrestling Revolver is owned by his opponent on the 17th. Callihan and his partners, Ohio Versus Everything, have been making a major splash in Impact Wrestling. While Callihan spent time in the World Tag League for New Japan Pro Wrestling, he never found himself in a match with Naito.

Photo: PWX

Naito and Callihan are two of the top talents in the world. The two have gotten to their positions in different ways, however. Other than Naito’s time spent on excursion, he has spent limited time wrestling for anyone other than NJPW. At the opposite end of the spectrum, you can probably find an independent promotion close by that Sami Callihan has wrestled for. The man takes pride in the spontaneity of his schedule. In December, Callihan stated that “you never know where I’m going to show up, you never know what I’m going to do.”

Similar to Naito’s Glory Pro match with AR Fox (which you can read about here), the Callihan Death Machine provides a unique challenge for the Stardust Genius. Callihan can wrestle virtually anyone with any style, but he’s probably best known for deathmatches and sheer violence. This is a bit of a departure from what fans are used to seeing in NJPW, with the possible exception of Minoru Suzuki. Will Naito be able to overcome Callihan’s aggressive nature? Will Callihan fall victim to a destino? Find out on February 17th when AAW presents Sami Callihan vs Tetsuya Naito.


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