Fork In the Rhodes: Brothers Pay Cool Tribute to Each Other

Photo: WWE

Unless you watch both WWE and Ring of Honor, you missed a pretty cool Rhodes family moment last week between real life brothers Goldust (Dustin Rhodes) of the WWE and Ring of Honor’s Cody Rhodes. It’s no secret that the two were somewhat estranged growing up – Dustin is 16 years older than his younger sibling and was already wrestling in WCW before Cody turned four years old. Much like their father Dusty Rhodes was on the road away from Dustin as a child, Dustin was on the road and didn’t see much of his little brother. But the two rekindled their familial bond during their time in the WWE together over the past decade and are now stronger than ever.

Photo: WWE

After years of substance abuse and blown chances, Dustin cleaned himself up – he’s been clean and sober ten years now – and is now in the best ring shape of his career. It’s hard to believe sometimes now that Goldust is 48 years old. Last Tuesday night, as part of WWE’s Mixed Match Challenge, Goldust teamed up with new WWE Superstar, Absolution‘s Mandy Rose, to face the married couple of Smackdown Tag Team Champion Jimmy Uso and 2x Smackdown Women’s Champion Naomi. While RoseGold would end up on the losing side of things, there was some pretty cool moments in the match, like Goldy and Mandy’s double snap scoop powerslam. But there was one particular moment that stood out. That of Goldust doing the CrossRhodes on Jimmy Uso. Apart from being the name of Goldy’s autobiography, CrossRhodes is also the finishing move his sibling Cody Rhodes.

A proud little brother was quick to respond to his older brother pulling off his signature move.

Photo: Cody Rhodes

Three nights later, Cody Rhodes wrestled in a 6-man tag match at ROH Honor Reigns Supreme, teaming up with fellow Bullet Club mates “The Villain” Marty Scurll and Adam “Hangman” Page to take on The Kingdom (Matt Taven, TK O’Ryan and Vinny Marseglia), and late in the match, Cody decided to repay the fraternal tribute with one of his own. During his beat down on Taven, Cody set up Taven for one of his brother’s signature moves, the Shattered Dreams (also called The Golden Globes). Much like Goldust, the move didn’t help with a win. Cody actually never got to fully complete the move itself, ending up taking a punch (with the Ring of Honor on Taven’s hand) that led to his loss.

A fun little familial tribute to each other, for each other, and more importantly, to the wrestling fans watching both products.


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