#AndNEW: Martina The Session Moth Wins ICW Women’s Championship

Photo: twitter.com/mothfromdaflats

At tonight’s ICW Square Up in Glasgow, Scotland, Martina the Session Moth continued her impressive run of the past year by adding more gold to her collection, defeating Kasey Owens to become the new ICW Women’s Champion.

While Toni Storm has been making headlines the past year with all of her own winnings (PROGRESS and wXw Women’s Champion, World of Stardom Champion), Martina has been conquering the British Isles, piece by piece. Dublin’s Session Moth is a 2x OTT Women’s Champion (currently on her second reign) as well as OTT’s Neutral Gender Champion, facing men and women.

The Queen of the Irish Flats has now conquered the top Women’s title in Scotland, and there’s more gold to be had. Martina is a constant presence in Germany’s wXw as well, so Toni Storm could be seeing her sooner than later. And there’s plenty of gold in England to be found as well, as Martina has worked with Pro Wrestling EVE, PROGRESS, Southside Wrestling Entertainment (SWE) and RevPro all in the past year as well.

Debuting in 2011 as Kazza G, Martina worked her way through Main Stage Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Ulster and Celtic Championship Wrestling before making her OTT debut in 2014. In 2016, she exploded onto the UK scene, with Scotland’s ICW and England’s Preston City Wrestling (PCW), followed up by an even bigger 2017, when she made her Germany debut with wXw as well as matches in Pro Wrestling EVE, PROGRESS, RevPro, Fight Club: PRO, Defiant Wrestling and many more.

Martina has captivated the crowds with growing interest, not just because of her antics, but because she can flat out wrestle. But she does it with such a flair for the performance that win, lose or draw, she makes each match memorable and leaves the fans wanting more. Well now the Queen of the Flats has conquered Ireland and Scotland – what’s next?


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