One Match Changed, One More Added to wXw Dead End (2/09/18)

Photo: wXw

During this weeks episode of wXw´s weekly show, Shotgun, two announcements regarding this tonight’s wXw Dead End show were made.

Hardcore Match: Jurn Simmons vs Mike Schwarz

Photo: wXw

After around one-and-a-half years of absence, Mike Schwarz returned to wXw at the Shotgun Taping in Cologne in January. He confronted Jurn Simmons during Shotgun after he attacked Julian Pace with a Kendo stick. Simmons is scheduled to fight his former Tag Team Partner during the first round of 16 Carat Gold in a K.O only match. Since they split up, he destroyed every opponent in his way and punished them afterwards. Mike Schwarz looks to put an end to this reign of terror, but will he be able to stop the man from the Netherlands on his path of destruction?

Prediction: Jurn Simmons

wXw Women’s Championship: Toni Storm (c) vs “Session Moth” Martina vs Killer Kelly vs Veda Scott

Photo: wXw

This match has been changed into a four-way after Veda Scott was victorious against the inaugural wXw Women’s Champion Killer Kelly. The odds for the defending champion are drastically declining, Storm has to defend her title against three other women. Scott has been competing for IMPACT, ROH, CZW etc. in her career that started in 2011. She was trained by Delirious, who has been with Ring Of Honor since 2004.

Road to 16 Carat Gold

wXw announced that the final spot for the Tournament will be decided between eight men who will fight in Bielefeld (2/25/18). the current Line up for 16 Carat Gold 2018: Alexander James, Lucky Kid / Ivan Kiev, Jurn Simmons, David Starr, Timothy Thatcher, Keith Lee, Da Mack, Absolute Andy, Matt Sydal, Matt Riddle, Jonah Rock, Avalanche, Travis Banks, Chris Brookes, Mark Haskins and ?



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